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36 Hours on The Brooklyn Waterfront

By: Shanika Thompson  Dec. 7 2017





For an enjoyable time along the waterfront, you could stop at Coney Island. From Midtown to Coney Island, you can take the F, D, N, or Q train to Stillwell Avenue train station, but before you stop there, stop at W 8 st walk over Surf Ave and you will reach the New York Aquarium. The aquarium is opened from 10:30am to 4:30pm and the tickets are $11.95. The aquarium could take about 2 hours or more to explore with the delight of feeding penguins and watching a show of seals at the Aquatheater.

Graffiti by the boardwalk / 



After the lovely sea life you could get a bite to eat at Nathan’s Famous known for their famous hot dogs and crinkle-cut curly fries. It started up about 100 years ago in 1916 in Coney Island, a nickel for a hot dog. Nathan’s Famous has about 50,000 different locations. It will be a waste to go to Coney Island and not devour one of Nathan’s frankfurters, it’s like the trademark of the Island. This place is very influential to this side of Brooklyn with Nathan’s having the oldest liquor license in New York City making Luna Park more memorable and also their yearly hot dog contest is entertaining just to watch.

Greasy Nathan’s Sign /



Now that you enjoyed your nice, delicious, greasy hot dog and, a nice cup of beer if you are 21 or older, you could experience big Luna Park. Luna Park has this famous roller coaster the Cyclone, many visitors come just to ride this train of up and downs. Luna Park contains many different kinds of rides, games, and stuff to eat. Luna Park is available for all ages but there are some height limits. This park is open during Spring, Summer, and a few moments of Fall. Fried dough equals funnel cake with some sugar on top or any topping you desire. It is traditional to spend time at Luna Park and enjoy the lovely funnel cakes.


Williams Candy Shop is the sweet spot of Coney Island with their lovely large candy apples. The candy apples are about 4 dollars which is lovely and affordable. When the weather is nice and hot you could also stop by to get a lovely soft serve to keep you cool. William’s Candy Shop started up in 1936 making it the candyland of Coney Island.

Wonder Wheel but smaller and named Williams Candy /



After the adventure of the sea life, greasy Nathan’s hot dogs, Luna Park, and the sweet spot of Coney Island check out broad walk of Coney Island. This broad walk is about 2.51 miles long, of course you won’t walk the whole boardwalk but a few miles will do. While walking on this old wood you can view the great view of the beach and its surroundings while the sun sets. You could also take a step on the soft sand. Coney Island sand is ridiculously soft and soothing when you play with it.

6) 6:30 P.M PIZZA

Finish the long day with great New York City pizza. Totonno’s Pizza sell their delicious thin crust pizza which the neighborhood loves. It is very cozy and friendly like. The place is only open for half of the week from Thursday to Sunday , 12pm to 7:30pm.



Roll N Roaster is known for its fantastic roast beef sandwiches and specialties. The sandwiches cost an easy squeezy 5 dollars or more meaning very affordable. Bud Lamonica the owner of this place is a philanthropist giving away money to charities for children so they have a meal in their tummy.  


Walk around the neighborhood and get the vibe of Sheepshead Bay area. Feeling the cool breeze from the water and looking into the ocean at the lookout point. Walk over to the next lookout point and check out the Ocean Avenue Bridge and admire its beauty.


T & D Bakery a high quality place in the bay of Sheepshead. Family owned company since 1983 serving cookies, bread , cakes, and much more for all occasions. Taste what the family of Brooklyn bakes up , the DelPonte family with affordable prices.


You have to visit the largest park of Brooklyn and feel how small you are in the park. The park provides really fun activities and you could plan a field trip there with family. Playing all different kinds of sports such as golf. They have a huge golf course and baseball field.  Enjoy the fresh green grass of Brooklyn.  


There are bikes in the park that you can borrow and ride them throughout the park.Have a race with the family and see who will win.




St. Petersburg Bookstore has stocks of books of Russian language, film, and music. The bookstore also has souvenirs. The store is open from 10 am to 8pm when usually a lot of bookstores close early. Get an educational aspect of the largest Russian bookstore outside of Russia. Learn about a different in Brooklyn , learning about Russia without being in Russia.

12)  1 P.M MORE FOOD

The Sunflower Cafe ranges from food of kosher to juicy salads. The quality of food is high and exquisite providing the local area free delivery. The cafe is known for its Hebrew dishes in large proportions. Tasting a little bit of every culture down by the Brooklyn Waterfront.


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36 Hours

Nagid Tecocoatzi

Hospitality Management  

Professor Goodlad



     1, South Brooklyn Ferry

There are so many ways to travel in brooklyn, and a relatively new way to travel is to take the NYC ferry. The south brooklyn ferry connects some of brooklyn’s neighborhoods, allowing for a fast travel by the water. The route starts at the pier by the ‘‘American Veterans Memorial’’  at Bay Ridge Ave.  The fair is the same as a bus or a train in NY city $2.75. As you ride you can feel the wind on the upper platform of the ferry, and see the beautiful coastline of New York and Brooklyn.

      2.Brooklyn Bridge Park

You can get off the ferry at Brooklyn bridge park. Once there try out Jane’s Carousel it’s $2, it is very beautiful and you will get to ride seeing the manhattan coast line. The park also offers a amazing ice cream shop the famous ‘‘Brooklyn Ice cream Factory’’. There would regularly be a long line, but you won’t feel like you are only standing, and it is worth the wait to eat on a nice summer day. Once you have tried that lay in the shade at the field of grass.

  1. Pier 2  

Pier 2 has many things to offer for entertainment. The things that it has to offer are all form of physical activity. One thing that you have to try out is rollerskating, they play all types to music as you ride along the roller rink. There is also basketball courts, handball courts, a swing set, and a small field that you can play soccer or football on. There is something for everybody to do, you don’t need to be the most physically active person to enjoy your time there.

  1. Pier 6                                                                                                                               There is always something to enjoy at pier 6, it has different forms of entertainment. There is a big section for just for the kids to enjoy. The most popular attraction for kids is the water lab a small but fun water park that will keep you kids busy for a long time. Another is sandbox village great for kids, but know sand gets everywhere. Slide mountain offers its tall slides and many jungle gyms so the children get to run around all they like. For the more grown adults, there is volleyball, but if you don’t feel like exerting yourself you can take a walk seeing all of the lovely plants that have been placed there
  2. Coney Island Circus

The Ringling Bros the Coney Island Illuscination is a circus that comes to coney island every summer, the circus is located by the entrance of the boardwalk. The  circus offers all kinds of stunts to get people off all ages excited. Certain acts that they have are mortar cyclist all driving in a small round cage, and others are acts are with wild animals. This circus has all the usual stuff you will expect to see in a circus, such as tightrope walks, clowns, and magicians. This is fun for the whole family but you can easily enjoy it by yourself to.

  1. Coney Island beach

This beach has a lot to offer, it is the ideal way to spend some of your summer day. The coney island beach goes along to whole boardwalk, which is the longest boardwalk in america. The beach is the perfect way to relax laying down in the sun, and looking at the blue sky. For people who want a little more excitement the beach contains beach volleyball courts, hand ball, and basketball. Many people in new york take the opportunity of having this beach and celebrate july 4th on the beach   

  1. Fire Works

In the summer coney island on the boardwalk host a firework show on the beach. With each coming year it gets better, by how they add some new effect to firework show. This is done every friday during the summer, and it is all free. This is done at 9:30 and last about 15 to 20 minutes, it starts at the last weekend in june and ends in the week before labor day. The time leading up to the fire works is full of life, music is playing, kids run with there light up toys as people gather for a nice spot, and there is even karaoke before it starts.

  1. The Amusement Park

One thing that has to be done in a trip to coney island is to go to Luna Park. It is a amusement park with all kinds of fun rides and games, like skee ball and roller coasters. If you can time it right a great experience will be to ride on the wonder wheel (a large ferris wheel) while the fireworks are going on. A ride that stands out from all of the others is The Cyclone, it is the  oldest roller coaster in america, and is the largest the park has to offer. The Cyclone is a wooden roller coaster, because of that when you ride it would be shaking adding a bit more excitement to the ride

      9, Aquarium

The New York Aquarium was shut down for a long time after hurricane sandy but now it is back open. The price to see the aquarium is 11.95 for all ages, but kids 2 and under get to go in for free. Anyone who like animals will definitely get to enjoy this trip, the aquarium is broken up to four exhibits. Conservation hall, sea cliffs, aqua theater, and sharks, rays and turtles, The most popular one is the aquatheater where the host a show with sea lions. The sea cliffs are where they have the animal that like in rocky terrain by the water, and the conservation hall host a wide range of marine life

  1. Brooklyn Cyclones                                                                                                          The Brooklyn Cyclones play just off the coney island boardwalk, and they are a minor league baseball team. This will be fun for a person who really enjoys sports, but just about anyone can enjoy seeing a baseball game in person. The ballpark is also used to host games for other people, such as the the finals to see which high school has the best baseball team  .




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36 hours in New York

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Concierge assignment

Nagid Tecocoatzi

Hospitality Management  

Professor Goodlad



    A very wonderful place that everyone should definitely go and visit is The Metropolitan Museum of Art AKA ‘‘The Met’’. There are many reasons to go and visit the met, it is a big part of New York culture and if you want to have a calm experience and take a walk looking at beautiful forms of art from all over there is no better place to go.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been a part of the culture of New York City because ever since it was founded in the year 1872. Its creation was backed up when Europe said they would give 174 paintings in 1871 ( in was created so the people would get access to a wide array of information all over the world, and contains a collection of over 2 million works of art. You can find The Met right here in central park, this is a wonderful location because you would also get to see what New York is really like, by being around around the museum of art. It really welcomes visitors, you don’t even need to pay it is all up to you, but it is suggested that you leave a donation. The Met encourages all kinds of visitors  to enjoy their stay so they can grasp a interest in the arts. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also the largest museum in America, ‘‘occupying an area of 633,100 square feet’’ ( because of its rather large size it will take more then one day to explore all that it has but because of this it will keep you busy and it is up to the visitor to explore their hearts content  

    This Museum is unlike any other than the ones in New York, not only because of the size but how it was designed. In The Metropolitan Museum of Art it contains a egyptian temple. It was a gift, but it came with a condition that it has to be able to be viewed at all times. That is why in the room that it is in there is a massive wall that is just one big window. It is a great view to see and allows it to be viewed from the outside. The Met also ‘‘Provides a floor plan identifying the location of all the exhibits’’ ( so you could select the exhibits that you want to see and the order to follow it in. The museum is broken into separate sections greek, egyptian, chinese, etc and it is constructed as if there were buildings in the building, this can be seen by going into the chinese exhibit for example.

    All kinds of people will able to find great enjoyment from going to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art because it has a lot to offer in its exhibits. The kind of person who would find the most enjoyment in visiting The Met would be a person who already has a bit of knowledge of the old civilizations like Greece, Egypt, and China. To really enjoy everything the exhibits have to offer you should be a person who can enjoy the value that art has in its age and reputation. New York has people from all over the world, and sense the museum has all kinds of cultures it would be a nice place to visit to see thing from your homeland.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art has always been a big part in the culture of New York City. It has been here for 200 years and has provided with it all kinds of exhibits to educate the people on other places of the world. It is a important part of this city, it is the biggest museum in america and attracts millions of visitors a year. The Met is a place where you can learn and you don’t need to pay a price of admission to see all that they have to offer, the experience is made to capture your attention and the tour guides make sure to tell you what you being shown so you will understand what you are seeing. It is a beautiful looking building that offers a lot to make sure the visitors will get something out of your trip.


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Spring 2018 Registration Workshops

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Good Evening Everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend. I wanted to provide important information regarding registration for classes for the next semester, spring 2017. FYLC is hosting a series of workshops of which there are two coming up on November 14th and November 16th. I have attached a picture of the flyer for more details.


Did you know you can register for a learning community that will help you fulfill your elective requirements??!! If you register for Culinary Arts I (HMGT1203) or Baking and Pastry Arts I (HMGT1204) and History of Photography (ARTH1100) you can earn 6 credits and fulfill an elective requirements such as Writing Intensive, Liberal Arts Elective, Creative Expression or Flexible Common Core. That’s a great way to get ahead and check at least 1 more class off of your list of requirements. If you have any questions contact Prof. Thalia Warner (Culinary and Baking) at


If you have any questions, Do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


Peer Mentor.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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The Brooklyn Botanic garden is located at 900 Washington ave, near Crown Heights in Brooklyn of course. BBG is significant to the culture of New York because New York is known to be a place full of people from all different parts of the world, and this garden is full of many different kinds of plants from all over the world. They are open everyday of the week expect Monday. Many different ages of people come and explore this garden from young children to seniors.

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Our Stories, Continued, before November 7

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We invite you to tell a story about your continued studies at City Tech. Research has shown that first-semester students often worry about their transition in to college and how eventually students become comfortable and find a community of people with whom they are close and feel they belong.

Please describe in a short story how you have experienced your semester so far at City Tech. Aim to write 300-500 words and be sure to illustrate your post with examples from your own experiences in classes, seminars, lectures, study groups, and labs. What happened? How did you and others involved think and feel? How did it turn out?

We hope this process will help you think about your transition experience. This link will take to the place to create your post: Our Stories. Once you have finished writing your post, choose the category “Goodlad/Stewart” and then please take time to read and comment on at least two of your peer’s stories.

Radio City Music Hall

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Radio City Music hall is a New York landmark. People travel all around the globe to witness the prestige and elegance that is associated with this magnificent place. Especially around the winter time, the iconic Rockettes put on a breath-taking show that I would love to witness in person. Since it’s opening year in 1932 Radio City Music Hall has become a precious jewel here in NYC.

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