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Louis Valentino Jr Park & Pier: 10:00am

If you are ever in need of peace and tranquility. Or just wish to get away from reality for a while, this is the place I recommend. In this park/pier, at Coffey St & Ferris St, Brooklyn, NY, you can pack a lunch for a picnic for yourself or for the family. You will be able to catch the best glimpse of the sunset cascading down, seeing the shadow of the sun in the water.  It’s very quiet and rarely anyone is there, so if you’re into meditation or yoga, this is the place for you.  Just don’t forget the mosquito repellent, or else you will come out with red bite marks.  “Valentino Pier was once the site of an active shipping industry. In the 1600s, the Red Hook district was settled by the Dutch. As the land became more developed and the population grew, the shipping industry began to take form.”



Squibb Park Bridge: 2:30pm

This bridge/trail at Squibb Park Bridge, Brooklyn, NY, is highly recommended for those who love hiking and bicycling.  But best to grab a bike and trail on through.  “It is made with black locust timber, bronze and galvanized steel.  Material and finishes in Squibb Park replicate the existing furnishings to be consistent with the neighborhood’s historic character.”  The path starts at Brooklyn Heights and ends at Red Hook.  So, more chances of you to enjoy the view in a nice fast or slow pace. If you ever remember those small children playground parks that had a shaky bridge and one used to love running back and forth on it just to feel the movement of the bridge. Well, if you want to feel it again, here’s your chance. Bring along friends whom can also share the nostalgic experience of a shaky bridge.







Smorgasburg Williamsburg: 11:00am-3:00pm

Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in America. It attracts at a height of 20,000-30,000 people to 90 Kent Ave (at N 7th St), Brooklyn, NY each weekend, just to eat and shop from 100 small local business vendors. “It was launched on May 21, 2011, as a spinoff of Brooklyn Flea (founded in 2008).” And since then has been become a historical event in Brooklyn.  People from all over NYC and other parts of the US, have come just to see, eat and shop new things every vendors have to offer.  Even to this day, Smorgasburg is still expanding.


Waterfront Promenade Williamsburg: 5:30pm-6:00pm

When watching certain shows or movies that are based on NYC, you see a certain scenic view that is shown.  Waterfront Promenade is shown multiple times.  If you ever find yourself the need to relax and just watch the ferries pass by.  Go to the Waterfront Promenade at North 6th St., Brooklyn, NY.  Just grab a cup of coffee from from a nearby cafe, like Toby’s, and enjoy the scenic view of the Manhattan skyline from the wooden benches that are nearby.  You will get to see the sunset light from behind the buildings, as if the city itself is glowing, and it will look magical.  You will also get to enjoy a long walk across its “50 acres of new parkland along the East River waterfront.”




Emmons Avenue: 11:00am

Like fishing? Like to feel lazy on Sundays? I do, for sure.  Emmons Avenue walkway in Brooklyn, NY, is a great place to spend your Sunday weekend just fishing, and feeling lazy. It’s railing is designed perfectly for fishing rods.  It is mostly popular among the elder generation.  However, younger generations interested in wanting to learn to fish, are always welcome.  While you wait for your fishline to pull from a bite, you can watch the boats go by back and forth. Just don’t forget your fishing bait and fishing rod.  But even if you do forget, you can still enjoy the view of many people fishing or parasailing nearby and can have your very own little picnic, or you can buy some fishing gear at either Bernie’s Bait & Tackle, Capt. Dave Fishing or Marilyn Jean IV Brooklyn NY Party Fishing Boat.


Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory: 4:00pm

It opened in 2001 by Mark Thompson, after the 9/11 attacks, at 1 Water St (at Old Fulton St), Brooklyn, NY.  It sits near the Brooklyn Bridge in a landmark 1920s fireboat house on a ferry landing.  Firefighters use to use the building for firefighting sessions.  Nevertheless, who doesn’t love ice cream? Well, maybe those who are lactose intolerant. Anyways, if you ever want to end your day with a refreshing taste to cleanse your pallet, or just enjoy a nice ice cream cone, or milkshake, this is the place to grab and go, and enjoy the end of your weekend.










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