36 Hours On The Brooklyn Water Front

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The Brooklyn Water Front is an ever-growing

Cultural hotspot that is attracting people from all

Over the globe. Before an old, gray, broken docks are now vivid,

Stunning, ports. The Brooklyn water front caters to all and welcomes

Families with open arms.




5 p.m. – Grab a bike and Go!

You’ve traveled from a far, now let’s stretch those legs.

Our first stop is our bike route. Leisurely ride, care-free and

Take in the beauty as the sun sets over the buildings.

Don’t be fooled by this, New York is just waking up!

Our NYC Citi-bike rentals ( $12 for 24-Day Pass, Check Usage Fees)

Make it easy and fun for the whole family to just grab a bike and go

Bike on over to our next location, The Wheelhouse bar

8 p.m. – The Wheelhouse

Boy you must be parched from all that biking.

No Fear the Wheelhouse is here

The Wheelhouse offers an amazing variety

Of lobster and tuna rolls ($12-20), their drinks are made fresh and

They taste amazing. Once you’ve finished your Thai lobster roll

Rent a golf club at the bar and play some putt-putt.

Head over to the Court Yard, you’re not going to want to miss this.

10 p.m. – Industry City Court Yard

The Industry Court Yard is the ideal location to just relax.

With the beautiful scenery and welcoming

Atmosphere, the floor is made up of gravel that crunched under every

Footstep, the night lights resemble a candle fire burning with a low glow.

Picture Credit: Jubedel Andon



10 a.m. – Red Hook Park

Red Hook Park is just a small sample of what NYC has to

Offer in our diversity. On Sunday

Come over and watch members of our Hispanic community and

other communities

Join to play a friendly game of soccer.

There’s delicious Spanish food trucks all around

Ranging in countries.

Noon- Red Hook Recreation Center

Bring the kids down and have a great time at our free pools,

We have trained lifeguards

On constant watch. We offer free

Classes where we can teach your young ones to swim in no time

Also, ALL NYC public schools hand out free lunch

To any child that through our doors

So, come on in the waters fine!

2 p.m.- Brick Oven Pizza

Come on over and get one of the most

Famous pizza ($14-18 for a pie) you will ever eat.

If you’ve heard anything about NYC it’s probably about this pizza

Their ancient brick oven technique

Has been perfected to make this the most amazing

Slice of cheese pizza. But come quick the line can stretch around the block

4 p.m.- New York City Train Museum

If you’re still able to walk after eating all that pizza

Come on down to the NYC train museum.

The only time you’ll be happy

Going into a NYC train.

We learn about the past and how we have

Progressed with our means of transportation.

6 p.m.- The Piers

The Brooklyn Water front piers is a newly constructed

Recreation center. It is fully equipped with

3 soccer fields with soccer nets and a volleyball

Court with sand. Great time for the whole family an

Overall a great experience

Picture Credit: Jubedel Andon

8 p.m.- Naruto Ramen

After all the exercise wind down with a

Delicious bowl of ramen. This unique ramen shop

Is based off the popular anime Naruto which features a young

Boy on quest to become the best. The food is fresh and made to

Order. The shop also plays anime based films all

Throughout the day.

Picture Credit: Jubedel Andon

10 p.m. – Bay Ridge Pier

Home to the American Veterans Memorial pier

This pier gives you an astounding view of the water and

The Verrazano Bridge, one of the largest man-made bridges

The pier also doubles as a dock for cruise ships.

There is also a walkway connected

Which is great for bicyclers or joggers.

10 a.m. – Blossom Ice Cream

For our last destination we should end on a sweet note.

Head on down to Blossom Ice cream shop

Where you can find the best Thai inspired rolled ice cream.

The ice cream is made right in front of you using the

Toppings of your choice. An amazing end to an amazing trip.

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