Concierge Marketing Assignment

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Concierge Marketing Assignment

20% of total course grade

Selection of NYC Attraction is Due Before Class Begins, Week 8

Written Assignment is Due in Class, Week 11

Presentations will be Conducted Week 11 and 12



Consider all that New York has to offer visitors and New Yorkers alike. Consider also places in New York that you have never visited but would like to explore; perhaps a museum, an art gallery, a park, a sports arena, a restaurant and so much more. Make a list of these places. Then choose one to visit considering 1) significance to the culture of New York, 2) the attraction’s point of difference and 3) the target demographic of the attraction.


After your site visit write an essay describing 1) it’s significance to the culture of NY, 2) what makes the attraction unique, 3) who is the target demographic, 4) examples of hospitality you witnessed, 5) areas of improvement in guest service


Role and Audience

You are the Concierge of an upscale hotel in Manhattan; you will use your research to communicate to your guests about NYC attractions.


Assignment selections

  • Post your chosen tourist attraction on OpenLab as a response on the “Experiential Learning Assignment” page (do not create a post). Include a brief statement as to why this site is significant to the culture of New York including a reference
  • Only one student per attraction

Written portion, 2-2½ page essay (10% of total grade)

  • APA format and standards, proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling…
  • Minimum of three credible references
  • Exhibit the ability to evaluate the importance of the tourist attraction or historically significant location to the New York City hospitality industry
  • Provide evidence of the importance of employees as a part of the product and how an employee influences the guest’s experience.
  • See writing rubric

Oral presentation (10% of total grade)

  • Students will be divided into groups (each person will work independently)
  • Students will conduct a two minute presentation in small group settings of 3-4 people, no questions will be asked at this time (see oral communication rubric)
  • Students should be prepared to repeat their presentation 4- 6 times to both classmates and faculty members
  • Upon completion of the small group presentations, students will have the opportunity to ask individual questions to their classmates, one minute
  • Students will nominate their peers’ presentation for a variety of “Best of…” awards.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Discuss scope of the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Gather information from observation in regard to the hospitality industry from a local, national and global perspective
  • Evaluate and examine hotel classifications
  • Engage in high impact and industry specific written and oral communication

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