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36 Hour on the Brooklyn Water Front

By Ronaldo Cuzco

A place where all are welcome

Photo Credit: Ronaldo Cuzco

No matter where you’re from, there’s a place in Brooklyn where you can call home. Brooklyn is a diverse borough of New York. You can find yourself a little Italy, China town and many more, if you want diversity than your coming to the right spot. Here in Brooklyn, you tend to find a lot of restaurants big or small business with a lot of history because some of these restaurants go back generations and are kept alive and passed down generations, and by doing so the history and culture of Brooklyn will always be kept alive. So, go ahead and explore the what Brooklyn has to offer.


4 p.m.


If your traveling with your family or your alone or even as a couple, you could take the F, Q, N, or D train straight to Coney Island but first stop by the NYAQUARIUM. You could buy tickets online or in person, tickets for children of age 2 or under ($FREE) and for all ages 3 and over tickets are ($11.95). Get the chance to experience 4-D Theater, penguin feedings, sea Otter feedings and a walk around the aquarium park. However, be mindful, you’ll be spending about 2 to 3 hours roaming and seeing all what the aquarium has to offer.

Photo Credit: Ronaldo Cuzco

7 p.m.

  1. Coney Island Museum

The Coney Island Museum is land mark headquarters, it’s actually its 100th birthday this fall, its New York’s oldest home for freaks, and merfolk. Here you’ll be able to taste the culture of Coney Island through innovative exhibitions, performances and you’ll also get to see circus slideshows, art paintings and many more.

Photo credit: Ronaldo Cuzco

9 p.m.

3) Totonno’s Pizza

Now after all that walking grab a yourself a seat at Totonno’s Pizzeria, it’s one of Coney island’s oldest yet still keeping up to its standards type of pizzeria, and it’s been open since 1924 by Anthony Pero. Average cost for two people is roughly around ($60), you’ll probably definitely want to start off with a large pie ($20.50) and with topping in extra ($2.50) and while you’re at it just sit and lean back with a nice cold beer while for the best pizza in Coney land.



11 a.m.

4) Amusement Park

Traveling with family or not, you’re never to old to stop at one of the oldest amusement park in Coney Island, Luna Park. Everyone from all over the world come to even just to the most famous and ancient rides in Coney Island which is The Cyclone. The cyclone is a wooden roller coaster that opened in June 26, 1927, as of this year it just reached it 90th birthday of opening. Try if you dare but you won’t get the experience you get on the cyclone no where else, but if your traveling with family you’ll want to take your kids to the kid sections or even go as a family on the wonder wheel.









Photo Credit: Ronaldo Cuzco








5) Nathans pizzeria

Grab yourself a bite at Coney Island Nathan’s Famous, this establishment is one of the oldest fast food restaurant on the Coney Island board walk. It’s been open since 1916 and once you get to try one of its world famous beef hot dog, chili cheese dog or even it’s chili dog and you’ll be begging for more. What could possibly be better then making your mouth water with the delicious hotdog or sandwich and getting a view on the Coney Island beach and don’t worry about what time of year it is because it’s open all year long.


Photo credit :Ronaldo Cuzco

6 p.m.

6) Nathans Hot Dog Contest

Tick tock tick tock, that time of year will be here sooner then you think, time flies by, next you know it the Nathans hot dog eating contest will be taking place. Nathans conest is held one a year and this years winners were Joey and Miki, and if you’re a hot dog lover then maybe you should start training up and then we might even see your name on the wall of fame. Just 204 more days and you might get the chance to wittness the ineternational hotdog loving eaters.

Photo credit :Ronaldo Cuzco



If you love fishing or want to see them caught go on the board walk and go straight down and you’ll see and get the chance to fish with these locals but make sure you bundle up cause during this time of year it tends to get really cold and especially you’re by the water. However, be prepared to catch a lot of baby sharks, they’re the ones that tend to come out at night but if your lucky you’ll catch a couple of fish and that might be tonight dinner.


8) Calm walks on the board walk

End your night with your family or alone or with your couple with a night stroll on the board walk, just seeing all the lights shining bright, it’s just a wonderful view that you’ll never forget. However come back in the summer and you’ll get to see the eautiful parades and fireworks every Friday, so please do come back because what Coney Island has to provide just isn’t all in one season.                       Photo credit :Ronaldo Cuzco


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