36 Hours in Brooklyn Waterfront, NY

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36 Hours in The Brooklyn Waterfront,
New York City
By Kailey Colon & Michelle Castro DEC. 12, 2017
Six miles of the greenway along the Brooklyn waterfront are already complete, making it a great place to bike.The Brooklyn waterfront is portions that run along Kent Avenue, Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Columbia Street, and Northern Van Brunt St. By the time it’s done, it will be a 14-mile-long landscaped route. The waterfront is full of grasslands where you can get a peice of mind but then run wild and enjoy life.
Ferdinando’s Focacceria is a century-old restaurant specializing in authentic Sicilian dishes. This is the real old-fashioned deal: faded photos of Palermo and scenes of the owner with family and the famous, statues of St. Francis and the Virgin Mary, and a plastic prosciutto hanging above the kitchen door. Regulars favor arancina—massive rice balls crammed with spiced ground beef and peas, encased in breadcrumbs, deep-fried a golden brown, and served plain or smothered in a crimson tomato sauce and velvety ricotta. A fluffy potato and ricotta focaccia and chickpea croquettes called panelle are hard-to-find Mediterranean comfort treats, but the vastedda, baked flat rolls stuffed with layers of funky calf spleen, ricotta and pecorino, are a real rarity. The triumph of owner Francesco Buffa’s menu is the classic pasta con sarde, spaghetti in a nut brown sauce of sautéed fennel, onions, pine nuts, raisins and sardines, pungent and evocative of seaside winters. The price vary from $12- $23.

Take a stop into The New York Transit Museum located on the corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street.The NY Transit Museum allows visitors to climb aboard the train cars and busses and gives you a hands-on history and education of our past transportation. THe Museum features a wide collection of vintage subways and cars, as well as a working signal tower. These exhibitions show you the history of the city’s rapid and ever growing transit system. The exhibition also showcases bridges and tunnel systems through the MTA.This Court Street Station was built in 1936 and its station has one centered island platform with two tracks running in the opposite directions. This museum also has off-site programs with guided tours of the MTA and more.

CREDIT: Train #9306 Transit Authority. Credit Kailey Colon/HMGT 1101

Blue Ribbon Brasserie founders are Bruce and Eric Bromberg who are brothers that share the same passion. They wanted to make a restaurant based off of the foods they enjoy best. So they opened Blue Ribbon in 1992 in SoHo. The Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn is a lively night spot and family-friendly version of the SoHo original Blue Ribbon. The menu is much the same as the SoHo flagship. Which includes fresh seafood shucked and shelled to order from a long oyster bar $16.50- $21.00, as well as the special Brooklyn take on many Blue Ribbon classics such as matzo ball soup$13.50, hummus, fried chicken with a pint of beer$19.50, and paella is a type of rice with different meats in it that varies from $37 to $75. Our atmosphere is casual, comfortable and relaxed. Blue ribbon features a full bar with select draft and bottle beers, creative cocktails and an extensive wine list.


4) 11:30 A.M. GLASS PLATES
The Glasserie has space for high ceilings, but is warrenlike, with seating areas that feel like separate rooms, arranged around a central bar. Lights were doled out, quilted-glass bulbs and candles in small jars. A door leads to the outdoor space in the city: a terrace overlooking the internal courtyard. Glasserie is the only storefront on a blank stretch of Greenpoint that Manhattanites may find charmingly and simply. The Middle Eastern snack kibbeh, with the meat confined to the outer crust and an airy interior of sweet corn, ricotta and feta. A bowl of hummus masabacha is in fact a gigante bean, with a lemony touch of sumac.The dishes seem effortless like: squid and eggplant interspersed with sweet bursts of cherry tomatoes and underscored by raw garlic, pine nuts and saffron; grilled chicken in a milk of puréed almonds spiked with cinnamon and zhug, a Yemeni hot sauce. Yogurt suffused with preserved lemon transforms brown basmati rice into a fanciful near-risotto.

The Brooklyn Historical Society is located in downtown Brooklyn by the water. The Brooklyn Historical Society was founded in 1863, is a four-story Queen Anne styled building and is also a landmark. This building is over 400 years old and holds a lot of history. The BHS also includes a number of houses and exhibits which include “It Happened in Brooklyn”. “It Happened in Brooklyn” highlights our local historical moments that link us in American History. There is also a photo and research library that has historic maps, newspapers, and archives from the area’s prominent abolitionist movement. With over 9,00 members participating a year there are also over 70,000 students and teachers that take part in the society. Lucky in 2005, BHS received part of a $20 million grant through the Carnegie Corporation.

The Park location is a favorite among residents and visitors. There’s a rooftop dining experience with an amazing view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The sunset is great from the rooftop. The Brooklyn Park has signature pizzas $10-$16, and they also offer sandwiches $9-$13, breakfast $9, and a full bar which prices vary from $5-$36.

The carousel is unique because it was the only one of its kind and it was on the verge of being separated and all the individual pieces were going to be bought by different people when the couple Jane and David Walentas bought it for $385,000 to keep the carousel as a whole. Jane’s Carousel was made in the 1920s and was auctioned off and bought in the year 1984 when Idora Park in Ohio closed down. The carousel was then moved to Brooklyn Bridge Park for its renovations and touch-ups. The restoration of this carousel took 27 years and it finally opened on Sept 16 2011. Jane walentas ended up creating a non profit entity for the carousel called ‘Friends of Jane’s Carousel” and she even donated 3.45 million to landscaping and improvements to Brooklyn bridge park development corporation. Lastly in October 2012 the carousel was shut down for a while due to minor flooding from hurricane sandy but reopened a few months later.

CREDIT: Jane’s Carousel in the Evening. Credit: Kailey Colon/HMGT 1101

There are many museums to visit while in New York City but the Waterfront Museum should be one of them. The Waterfront Museum is a wood-covered vessel that was saved when David Sharps (museum’s president) transferred it in 1994. The vessel was built in 1914 and is remanence from the bygone era. On the inside of this vessel is where you’ll find signboards from old tugs, a wooden dinghy, and a straw mattress, and tools. The floating space also hosts circus shows, musical performances, and rotating art exhibitions,which might even include a nautical theme once in awhile.

The Brooklyn Barge bar is open from a range of 4 p.m until 1 a.m. throughout the week. The barge is strung with fairy lights and the bar floats in the East River to the coast of Greenpoint. The barge is trying to expand and reach out to the communities and have more interactive events such as having paddleboard and sailing lessons. The owner of the barge even said, “Those boats will not just be there for looking at, you’ll be able to interact with the boats and explore them.” This restaurant and bar on water also wants visitors to enjoy meals and drinks with a scenic view. One thing that is unbeatable is the view of the Manhattan skyline.Their cocktails start at $12 and drafts at $6. They even offer food ranging from sandwiches, tacos to shared appetizers.

CREDIT: The Eggs Benedict with a side of potatoes . Credit Michelle Castro/HMGT 1101


il Fornetto’s beautiful waterfront setting on Sheepshead Bay would increase your visit. Whether your quest in a restaurant is for romance, celebration or business IL Fornetto is the place to go for the wonderful view. You could either eat for lunch, dinner or for a private event.While enjoying the upscale but casual surroundings, you can savor the flavors of authentic Italian cuisine, inspired by the sea. Especially dishes from their menu like the incredible fried calamari to wood-fired brick oven pizza, pasta dishes and fresh fish. There culinary skills and service is all about you, your comfort and your dining pleasure.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is located at 17 Smith Street in Downtown Brooklyn, New York. The Tabernacle was established in 1847 as was the Central Presbyterian Church. The Brooklyn Tabernacle has been through the wost but still remains after the numerous damages and times it had to be rebuilt. Their first building was a frame tabernacle that began on April 3, 1853. The first brooklyn tabernacle was destroyed by fire in 1869 and the second was destroyed in a thunderstorm in 1889. The third tabernacle was able to seat 6,000 people and was destroyed by fire in 1894, but was later rebuilt.The Brooklyn Tabernacle, a 3,500-seat evangelical prayer palace in Downtown Brooklyn, was built in 1918 and is also a destination for evangelicals from all around the United States and beyond, laymen and ministers alike, who come to study prayer. Although presented with mother nature’s roadblocks, The Brooklyn Tabernacle was able to push through and remains as a popular and well-known church across the U.S.

The Tatiana is a high class restaurant. Where you have to dress to impress. The owner herself says that her restaurant is well known for the formal look. But let’s not forget about the food. All lunch specials consist of an appetizer, soup, main course and a side dish all for just $19.95. You also get a drink with it. The banquets are only of Fridays and Sundays and per person is $70 and up. The most a banquet can be per person is $165 for the deluxe.


The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood at 60 Furman Street. Just minutes away from several subway lines, with views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge, the city really is at your fingertips at this luxury hotel. Rates begin at $384 a night and go all the way to $6,884 a night for the highest end suites.

The McCarren Hotel & Pool at 160 N12th Street is blocks away from the Williamsburg waterfront. It features a seasonal pool, rooftop lounge with city views, and dining options. The rates for this chic, upscale hotel with 64 rooms range from $185 to $835 a night.


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