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36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront

Coney Island may be one of the most famous landmarks in Brooklyn. It is no question that when tourist come to Brooklyn it is a must to visit the world famous Coney Island, Nathan’s and everything Coney Island as to offer. Coney Island is a great amusement for kids and very seldom offered for the adults. Coney Island is known for its beach and a boardwalk lined with shabby food stands, games and rides. Coney Island is a huge melting pot and fact a tad bit ver populated, considering the housing projects nearby and the high tourist rate.


In 1916 a Polish Immigrant had an idea to open a stand selling hot dogs at just $0.05. Today Nathan’s hot dogs is world renowned No longer $0.05 but still an affordable tasty snack. Nathan’s Coney Island is infamous for its Fourth of July hot dog eating contest, which was first held in 1972 and still holds strong annually.

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Luna Park formerly known as Astroland which opened in 1903, takes up about 3 acres of the Coney Island area and consists of about 30 rides. An absolute favorite for kids looking for all day amusement and fun. Weekdays wristbands sell for $26 and weekend wristbands sell for about $30. Not too bad considering other amusement park prices. But must keep into consideration food and beverage.


Originally Riegelmann boardwalk but better known to Brooklynites as just the Coney Island Boardwalk is located along the southern shore of Coney Island peninsula. During the summer, only Island residents flock to the boardwalk for all day fresh air food and entertainment. Along the boardwalk there are hundreds, thousands of passerby’s enjoying the Atlantic Ocean view and beach bums laying out on the sand and indulging in food, drinks and arcade games. A day at the boardwalk may cost about $30, depending how many activities and food you give into.



MCU park sits along Coney Island and is a minor league baseball stadium home to Brooklyn’s own Cyclones. MCU park hosts a variety of events and entertainment each year. If you’re a huge baseball fanatic, season membership tickets may costs you a pretty penny. Ranging from $400-$550. Prices include perks and benefits.

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More for the adults, located on Surf avenue the heart of Coney Island you can stop by for a cold beer. Depending on the season brewery has limited time releases that can only be foundation their location. You can also purchase apparel or glassware sporting the Coney Island logo proving to your friends that you visited Brooklyn.

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Looking for great food infused with island flavor? Footprints Cafe is a great way to end the day with live entertainment, a long list of drink options and a lot of energy. It has a sleek surrounding and a nightclub vibe. The entree menu varied in price by the most being $27 is well worth the wait.

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A quick train stop on the Q or F will take you to West 8th street, still along the Coney Island boardwalk is the New York Aquarium. Tickets to enter the aquarium are $11.95 for all ages and free or children 2 and under. Visiting the aquarium is a great activity for families. Plenty of sea animals and shows to participate in.

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Best Western located on Emmons ave, just 2.3 miles away from Coney Island is quite comfortable if looking for a place to rest just for the night. At just $150/night that is a steal. The area is quiet, residential and has a few restaurants in the area incase one gets hungry during their stay.

Tavern On The Green

The landmark Manhattan restaurant Tavern on the Green, in Central Park at 67th Street on the Upper West Side, opened its doors in 1934. It has entertained presidents, actors, musicians and public figures. Tavern on The Green has since been one of New York’s most elegant destination for tourist.

36 Hours in Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark is a town with scholars and colleges in the area, but it becoming a place for good eats and craft beer. I would visit Aarhus just for the experience and lots of craft beer. the many different brews are one of a kind. There are street fairs, flee markets and beer festivals to pass time.

Reflection of Park Lane Hotel

I enjoyed my visit at Park Lane Hotel. I had sometime to observe the hotel flow and some of the staff before being introduced to the General Manager. The first person I came across was the bellman. He is the first and last person a visitor sees before entering or leaving the hotel premises. I also took notice to the seating areas in the lobby, the cafe and the traffic of tourist and hotel visitors. The hotel manager informed us that the Park Lane Hotel has a 97% occupancy, which is successful for a hotel that is surrounded by other 4 star and % star hotels.

The best part of the tour was the visit to the penthouse suite which was occupied by Leona Helmsley. The view of the NYC skyline and Central Park were breathtaking. The suite goes for $7000 a night and it is worth every penny if you wanted to live like a queen. Hidden walkin closets, hidden salon and the countless chandeliers in every room.

After the tour of the many departments and meeting the people the work to make the hotel a success, we met in the ballroom area where we had the opportunity to pick the brain of the Director of Housekeeping, General Manager and the Director of Front Office. listening to their history of how they started in the industry and how rewarding it is to work in the hotel was interesting.

36 hours in…Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia is definitely a city I would want to visit. Plenty of green space, which means lots of fresh air and no city traffic because cars are expelled from the historic city. The city is bike friendly, which is how most get around. Or just old fashion walking. Taking long strolls and enjoying the scenery always sounds refreshing. On foot you can visit the many different specialty cafes and pubs. The cost of visiting doesn’t seem like it will cost you much either. The many restaurants and cafes that can be visited during your stroll is very cost efficient. Museums also are very inexpensive. Last but not least, another great activity I would love to participate in is the blind wine tasting pop quiz. You can get an education on wine in several different brands.

36 Hours in…Madrid

With prices being relatively low and affordable, Madrid would definitely be a tourist friendly playground.  The younger artistic generation seems to greatly appreciate the night life and energy of the city. Madrid would for sure, be a on my many list of places to visit. They are big on wine, beer and a chilled glass of champagne after a delightful meal. Which I to would appreciate. The food in Madrid also seems colorful, vibrant, light and fresh. Anyone can appreciate that.

36 Hours in…Perugia, Italy

Perugia, Italy as in interesting read. From the reading in “36 Hours in…”, Perugia comes off as a very old city with lots of history. The city is visually spectacular and breathtaking, it is not a place I would want to visit right now. Perugia seems like a perfect tourist location for historians and photographers. The city has many museums worth visiting. There is also a great amount designs and architecture that dat as far back as the 13th century. Perugia is definitely a place to visit if you’re not into the night life and just looking for history.

36 Hours in…Vancouver

From the article I’ve read, Vancouver is a city definitely worth visiting and exploring. It is always evolving and has become a huge playground for artistic creativity. Whether it’s referring to food and fine dining, museums, its beautiful skyline over the coastline or the plethora of food markets. It seems to me like a breathtaking city and leaves a lot to the imagination. Like New York, Vancouver is a melting pot of different people, cultures and ethnicities and the the city caters to everyone. Being a food lover, there seems to be many different fusions and restaurants I would visit. And from what the article stated, it seems like a days out on the town won’t cost you a lot. It’s a great tourist spot if you are into learning and experiencing new things. I like the idea of just renting a bike to touch on different parts of the city to simply explore and be absolutely fulfilled.