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Our Stories, Continued, before November 7

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We invite you to tell a story about your continued studies at City Tech. Research has shown that first-semester students often worry about their transition in to college and how eventually students become comfortable and find a community of people with whom they are close and feel they belong.

Please describe in a short story how you have experienced your semester so far at City Tech. Aim to write 300-500 words and be sure to illustrate your post with examples from your own experiences in classes, seminars, lectures, study groups, and labs. What happened? How did you and others involved think and feel? How did it turn out?

We hope this process will help you think about your transition experience. This link will take to the place to create your post: Our Stories. Once you have finished writing your post, choose the category “Goodlad/Stewart” and then please take time to read and comment on at least two of your peer’s stories.

BBP, Site Visit

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It was a cold day but a productive one. One thing that was important to me on this day was that Ambar came on the site visit with us. A senior’s perspective is often different than that of new students, neither one better than the other, just different.

I also appreciated the contributions made by so many students. Learning about art, food, history and more along the waterfront can lead to increased tourism and for us that means jobs and opportunity.

Finally, the stop at Brooklyn Roasting was important. Without local business owners opportunites for tourism are limited. They have changed with the waterfront and I suspect they will change even more.

Tourism Trends

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As we shift into studying tourism and as you plan your concierge assignments, I would like to share this relevant and timely video from Euromonitor:

Park Lane Reflection and Scavenger Hunt

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During the visit to the Park Lane I learned a lot and I appreciate the time the industry leaders provided to us. I will continue this network by sending thank you notes to each person I met and to also send messages to them when I find interesting material to share. Using LinkIn and Instagram would be a valuable way to stay connected.

There was much I liked at the Park Lane. First and foremost is their generosity is providing service not only to their guests but to the future leaders of our industry, our students. The hotel was at 100% occupancy and meeting rooms were in use but still, the heads of many departments provided us with their time and their knowledge. I learned about how they can generate revenue from a room that might not otherwise be used (the Helmsely Suite) and how choosing one guest to impress each day can help ensure a deeper sense of guest satisfaction. Guest satisfaction is important to many of their stake holders as expressed by the Hotel General Manager, Andrew,

As for the scavenger hunt. I heard many words and took the following photos. I will leave you to define the words you heard.

Executive Committee



Forecast (two types!)

occupancy (their average is at the peak of the industry)