DPizzino Unit 2 and 3 Assignment Sample Drafts

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I am not sure if I completed Unit 2 in full. Is the report necessary or is the Annotated Bibliography and Research Question enough? I looked at your instructions Carrie and also the samples, and it seemed like a report isn’t required, so I opted not to include it. If I need it, that’s fine and will revise.

3 thoughts on “DPizzino Unit 2 and 3 Assignment Sample Drafts

  1. Amity Nathaniel

    Hi Devon. You are so smart and creative–it’s a joy reading your ideas and assignments. Your work always inspires me. Overall, I thought everything about this was really incredible.

    For the first unit, I absolutely love the list you provided to the students. It’s a great variety and the list is pretty extensive. However, in the back of my mind, I kept hearing “let them choose on their own” in Carrie’s beautiful voice. I wonder if you should really provide the list…or let them pick something they want on their own? I really, really love this idea, though, and either way, definitely keep the list to at least show them examples of different genres and how to penetrate the items in an analytical, meaningful way–it could possibly become a “low stakes” practice exercise before they set out on finding something on their own. Perhaps you could be open to letting students decide on a “topic” that isn’t included on the list.

    For unit three, are they are supposed to write/research something in the genre they previously studied? I like this idea because it continues to build upon their knowledge of the previously selected genre. However, it might be beneficial for them to really study and research a second genre, too. I’m not sure, to be honest–but, I think students should leave the semester being really familiar with multiple genres.

    Aside from that, as I mentioned, I think all of your ideas are so creative and intriguing. Your instructions for students are so clear and perfectly articulated. I love your annotated bibliography worksheet, too. There should to be more English instructors like you–with fresh ideas and cool concepts.

    1. DPP Post author

      I think our comments about unit three are similar because we might be looking at the assignments differently. I asked if they should be able to use one from the previous genre and you asked if they should do something new! That’s funny. I think maybe the assignment purpose isn’t entirely clear to me, so after Carrie expands more on what Unit 3 should be doing, I’d be happy to edit it in the way you mention. I thought the research from Unit 2 is supposed to inform their work in Unit 3–but I’m not really sure if that’s correct, so definitely would like the clarity.

      For Unit 2, I do have a list simply to give them ideas because in 1121 it seemed to be helpful for some that would default to past genres they already knew or didn’t really think beyond it being an assignment they had to complete. I gave an option for them to choose something outside of the list at the bottom if they wanted. But again, the more control they have maybe the better? Thank you!

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