3 thoughts on “ENG1101

  1. Carrie Hall

    Jacci, I think the assignment is great– really clear and very well scaffolded. It will also be very accessible to students and get them interested. The only thing I would add is the grading criteria– what will you be looking for in finished drafts of the essay?

  2. James Wu

    This is helpful for students. It gives direct steps to build the essay or narrative, which is key. I do this too, at times, though I have to edit and rewrite mine to incorporate of more of this.

    Then, you get into a discussion about what they’re going to write personally. And you follow this up in bringing up ideology and personal experience.

    I especially like how you don’t clutter your communication to students. Leave that for discussion. Online, that does bring up difficulties. Though, here, I’d say this would work as a guideline presented online.

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