Tiffany Alphonso: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

After reading the article on the soldiers from the civil war, I will have to say I am fascinated by the great importance of drinking coffee long ago. I am not a born American and I always    wondered why was coffee so important to the Americans. Now I have a better understanding that this culture has been adapted from the history of soldiers and it remained that way. If I had to choose between giving up food or coffee I will choose to give up coffee. Only because I am not a frequent coffee drinker. Coffee do not keep me up or do anything of that nature.  Perhaps,I drink coffee very rarely when I get the urge. However, I  am amazed by the extreme measure of how far soldiers went just to have some coffee. I never imagined coffee would be so highly praised and requested, especially during war. It was not only used to satisfy cravings but it earned the title of being used as a tool for war.In my opinion that idea is the unthinkable. Today I get to look at coffee in a different way,  and I am very enlightened  to have  learnt something new. The American culture appreciates good coffee. Like the slogan, ” America runs on Dunkin” it came from way back in the day and will forever be a favorite.