HW #2

It is actually very interesting to learn that coffee is something soldiers could not live without. Coffee is something I could live without without a doubt. I rarely drink coffee and when I do it just makes me more tired. However, the hardtack that soldiers lived off of everyday seems a bit dry. So, if there was nothing else to drink I understand. Also, for a food product that lasts for over 150 years, I do not think is very healthy to eat. What can I say though, the food I can’t live without is pizza. I can eat pizza everyday if I could. The best is even cold pizza for breakfast the next day!


credit of photo: https://timebusinessblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/pizza11.jpg?w=480&h=320&crop=1

HW #1

What do I think about food photography? Well, I believe it’s a new defined work of art. It is a new way of rediscovering who you are and where you come from. From experience, I watch my fiancé takes photos of every home cooked dish he makes. He’ll use the I-Phone camera, display the food in a nice manner so it stands out, and then snapshot it and post it to either Instagram or Facebook. With technology today, it’s amazing how far you can go with just a snapshot of a food dish. Even when you go for job interviews, sometimes they want to see a photo of your cooking, not to actually taste it, but to see how you display it. Overall, I believe the display and presentation is what really creates the art of food.