I have not finished all my work for this class but have been working to catch up. I submitted my unit 2 project the other day but after revising it i feel a i went a little over board with how much i wrote. I guess thats not a bad thing though. Although, i do wish i got it in a lot sooner. Now i have to complete my unit 3 project and Im set. Hopefully I’ll probably work on it tonight after my math final. i get it done in time, i think i should be good though… hopefully. i have till the 16th, 3 days, i have to get to work on it. I also just found out about the final in this class on wed. which i am not stressing one bit. I never minded ELA tests, its writing, ive been doing the same style of ELA test for years thats why i love ELA, you know exactly what you are going to get. There is comfort in familiarity. I cant believe finals are all here though, im taking one today another tomorrow and the one for this class on wed. Oh and one for psych on tues. A bit hectic especially tonight and tomorrow night, i have no idea how i am going to pass them. tonight is math tomorrow is mechanical engineering drawing. I am horrible at both, that one drawing class is what made me switch majors out of mechanical engineering but no i face the issue, i cant transfer out if i dont have a high enough GPA, and 2, i loose my financial aid if i fail these classes, at least that’s what i was told. Im just going try my best, do my part and hopefully it all works out. Thats why tonight after this math final im going to look into the unit 3 project for this class… im noy going to lie, its hard to free write when all i can think about is my math final in an hour and a half. My professor makes us do oral defenses after exams, which is basically the proffesor making us get on a private call with her outside of class time to verbally explain each question. I never mind speaking on mic but math makes me anxious. gives me anxiety. And this prof can be, not the most polite and welcoming. She will mark a question wrong even if the work is right simply because she didnt like how you verbally explained it. Im happy this semester is coming to end but at the same time wishing we had another month so i could prepare for all these deadlines and finals.

Late night i ponder to myself as i wander down the street light lit streets alone, oh so somber

why did i do that, why did i do this, what should i do next, i just keep it pushing yonder

Far off Far away, where my problems cant find me

Where my worries cant hurt me and and there is nothing to remind me

Of the issues around the past life that i left. All the things that ive ducked, All the things i neglect

Every responsibility , all the stress, all the impossibilities, all the mess

But no i must’nt

I must’nt leave

I must’nt digress

i must’t flee

Ive got things to address

Theres money to make

There still cash in old checks

Theres still a fight in the man that yearns for success

So late nights i ponder to myself as i wander

not how to flee or leave the scene but how to fill the ones that love me with honor

I know why i do this, i know why i do that, whats to come next, who knows what i’ll conjure.