Overview of the Modules and the 3 Projects

We have 4 Modules. In the first 3 Modules, you will complete one major writing project that will build toward your final portfolio. In Module 1, you will explore the concept of a Literacy Narrative and write one! In Module 2, you will begin a research and inquiry process that will span Modules 2 and 3 and for Module 2 you will write a reflective annotated bibliography on 4 sources. In Module 3, you will create a multimodal project using your research. In Module 4, you will finalize your portfolio using the texts you created during the semester. 

Module 1: Literacy Narrative

In Module One, the focus will be on developing a strong writing (and reading!) identity. You will reflect on the types of writing you have engaged in previously, your strengths, and goals for future writing. 

*Project 1: Literacy Narrative

You will craft a literacy narrative of at least 1000 words. The narrative should depict a moment that captures an important element of your life with a focus on the development of your reading or writing identity—a turning point, something that influenced your identity, an important lesson that was learned, a time you learned something about yourself as a reader or a writer. 

Module 2: Research and Inquiry

You will begin a research and inquiry process that will span Modules 2 and 3. 

*Project 2: Research and Inquiry

You will prepare a short oral presentation on your research and then write a reflective annotated bibliography on your 4 sources that is at least 1900 words.

Module 3: Writing in a New Genre

The focus of Module 3 will be writing about your topic from Module 2, using the research from your reflective annotated bibliography. 

*Project 3: Writing in a New Genre

Now it is time to hear YOUR opinion on the topic you choose in Module 2! At the end of Module 2, we asked the question: What is the most important thing you learned and what audience do you think needs to know about it? For Module 3, we ask ourselves: what is the best genre to tell that audience the information you learned in Module 2? 

In this Module, you will write about the subject you researched in Module 2 in the genre of your choice (within reason!) Whatever you choose, the most important factor is that it is the genre that best reaches the audience you think needs to hear about your topic. It also needs to showcase your research!

You will also write an artist’s statement that explains the choices you made and your process.

Module 4: Final Portfolio and Reflection

For your final portfolio you will compile a revised and edited version of all of Projects 1, 2 and 3 and your Module 1 and 2 Reflections. You will also write a 1000 word Final Reflection that looks back on your writing experience over the course.