Stop The War

Drugs are plaguing the nation and changes haven’t been made yet

The war on drugs is a failure, it’s the truth and they don’t want to face it

Were seeing addicts as criminals when they should be seen as patients

patients to be treated, they need our help if they are going to make it

We have been fighting the same fight for half a century, it only got worse after Reagan

Doing the same thing for half a century and expecting something different? Someone tell me that doesn’t sound crazy

We need to replace it, our method to this problem

with something much better that doesn’t bring us more problems

It’s about time we stop fighting and actually try and solve it

We could be saving the lives of people from Santa Cruz all the way to Harlem

But no, we are locking up those that have gotten stuck at the bottom

When they needed us the most they got locked up and thrown in a jail cell left rotting

While the rich white man committed the same so called crime but they ain’t behind bars, they over seas going yachting

You have got to be blind to not see what this is all causing

Mass incarceration


Pain and agony

Its all silenced

Mothers cries are made quiet

Addicts are getting locked up and sentenced life while the dealers are still outside supplying

Stop the war we tell them, Stop the war

Lets decriminalize drugs and treat the ill until the nation is restored

We tell them stop the war but our requests are ignored

Stop the war! Stop the war! Our nation can’t take much more

It’s clear the war has failed so what are we waiting for?