Current education not only requires the mastery of subject knowledge and theory, but also pays attention to the cultivation of students’ quality education. Many parents, especially Chinese parents. They always want their children to work hard in their studies, but they neglect to use sports teaching to improve the EQ and physical fitness of primary school students

Sports are game and interesting. Games and fun have a strong appeal to students. And most sports are teamwork, which cannot be done with the strength of one person alone. Therefore, all athletes need to unite and cooperate, work together, and have a strong team strength. Its collective nature is reflected in the overall strength of the team and the team. The technical and tactical characteristics of the athletes, the physical fitness of the athletes, the emotional communication between the athletes and the athletes, and the command of the coaches. It has significant effects in strengthening students’ organizational skills, improving physical fitness, learning to regulate emotions, improving frustration resistance, and improving interpersonal skills. Through sport teaching, students with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and art can be cultivated.

Emotional intelligence can transform bad emotions into controllable emotions, handle things smoothly, and narrow the distance between people. There is no obvious innate difference in emotional intelligence between people, and emotional intelligence can be cultivated through acquired. People’s emotions are changing all the time. Being able to perceive the appearance of bad emotions, process and examine one’s inner world is the key to emotional intelligence. If a person wants to deal with his emotions, he must first understand himself. Can manage one’s own emotions, transform bad emotions into controllable emotions so that they can be expressed in a timely and appropriate manner, that is, they can regulate themselves. The study found that: a person who is not motivated can only exert 20%~30% of his ability, and when he is motivated, his ability can be exerted to 80%~90%[1]. Self-motivation can be encountered in people The ability to mobilize and direct emotions after difficulties can enable people to control themselves when encountering difficulties and start anew with a positive attitude. Being able to sensitively feel the emotions of others through the subtle signals sent by others, such as facial expressions, conversational tone, and behavior. This is the basis for normal interpersonal communication and smooth communication. People with high emotional intelligence know how to deal with people smoothly, understand empathy, have a rich vocabulary of emotional expression, and are not easily irritable. They are skills in handling interpersonal relationships.


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