Habits are something regular that’s we get used to doing .There are many good habits that can improve our physical,emotional and/or financial health. Good habits can lead to success and bad habits can lead to failure. There are also many bad habits habits that can make our lives worse. There are many habits that I have adopted this semester that will keep me strong in college.

A habit that I adopted this semester that’s will keep me strong in college is doing everything on time trying my best not to procrastinate. This is a habit that is very beneficial to students and will have a huge impact on them mentally. Every student should adopt this habit because it helps get work done better and easier. Waiting until the last second to do something will make us rush the work and may even mess up.  Everybody upcoming freshman should adopt this habit because it will help them out a lot in all of their classes. Not just classes, this is a great habit to have in life, whether it be a meeting, business or school work.

Another habit that I adopted this semester that will keep me strong throughout college is to stay focused. This is a must habit that you should  have throughout life.  This will help him out in every aspect of your life and this will only be beneficial for you. In high school, I wasn’t that focused in class and almost failed my English class because of it. I would often use my phone in class and not listen to the teacher when she was teaching something. This semester I focused more and I actually got more work done and it’s was easier to understand what was going on.  If you focus on something no matter how hard it is, you will learn something  from it. My advice to upcoming freshman is, stay focused not just in school but in life, and it will make your life much easier.

These are some habits that’s I would tell I coming freshman’s to adopt to help them go strong throughout college and throughout life.  These habits have helped me out alot and I hope they will help them out too. These habits will improve their lives physically, emotionally and mentally.