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Habits are something regular that’s we get used to doing .There are many good habits that can improve our physical,emotional and/or financial health. Good habits can lead to success and bad habits can lead to failure. There are also many bad habits habits that can make our lives worse. There are many habits that I have adopted this semester that will keep me strong in college.

A habit that I adopted this semester that’s will keep me strong in college is doing everything on time trying my best not to procrastinate. This is a habit that is very beneficial to students and will have a huge impact on them mentally. Every student should adopt this habit because it helps get work done better and easier. Waiting until the last second to do something will make us rush the work and may even mess up.  Everybody upcoming freshman should adopt this habit because it will help them out a lot in all of their classes. Not just classes, this is a great habit to have in life, whether it be a meeting, business or school work.

Another habit that I adopted this semester that will keep me strong throughout college is to stay focused. This is a must habit that you should  have throughout life.  This will help him out in every aspect of your life and this will only be beneficial for you. In high school, I wasn’t that focused in class and almost failed my English class because of it. I would often use my phone in class and not listen to the teacher when she was teaching something. This semester I focused more and I actually got more work done and it’s was easier to understand what was going on.  If you focus on something no matter how hard it is, you will learn something  from it. My advice to upcoming freshman is, stay focused not just in school but in life, and it will make your life much easier.

These are some habits that’s I would tell I coming freshman’s to adopt to help them go strong throughout college and throughout life.  These habits have helped me out alot and I hope they will help them out too. These habits will improve their lives physically, emotionally and mentally.


Do you know how dangerous the coronavirus is for adults, think about how dangerous it is for children? It’s one of the deadliest viruses in history. During this virus, kids are being sent to schools in person instead of online learning. Kids should not be sent to schools during coronavirus because it’s very important for their safety and it affects them a lot. This virus has taken 5.1 million lives worldwide. I believe that for the safety of children, the government should close schools, and kids should be kept home until schools are completely safe.

Schools are a very dangerous place for kids to be during this dangerous time. This is not a danger that we should be forcing upon kids. The article school reopens but obstacles remain on the Us news, it says that “169 classrooms have shut down due to the outbreak and 403 students and staff tested positive for the coronavirus”.This shows that this virus is a serious threat to us and our children and children should not be forced to go to school in person. Also, the same article states that “ 51,000 students in Texas and 20,000 students in Mississippi have tested positive for the coronavirus”. Many people are being infected which include children and this can be deadly and had been in some cases. I trust this article because this article is from a valid source and an accredited journalist.

Kids should not be sent to school because masks create a big problem for children in schools. kids can’t understand what the teacher is saying and don’t understand what their classmates are saying. An article in the Irish Times says “the wearing of face masks by his classmates now means that he cannot hear when a teacher asks another child in the class a question.” This is a huge problem being faced by children, they can’t understand what their teachers and classmates are saying. Also, this has made children sad and has emotionally damaged them a lot. Also in the same article, it says “ masks have silenced students, they’ve made awkward interactions even more challenging.” Returning to school has made learning even more challenging for children. Kids are better off learning online, where they can understand each other better and will be more comfortable.

Some people may believe that kids should be sent to school because they believe that Covid regulations are being followed in schools and kids are safe there. But they are wrong because Covid regulations are not being followed in schools and many children are getting Covid From going to school. Schools still aren’t safe to go to and people shouldn’t be sending their kids there. kids are not wearing masks in schools and many schools don’t have proper ventilation. Also, precautionary efforts aren’t being taken to keep kids safe.

These are the reasons why kids should not be sent to school during the coronavirus. It’s dangerous for them emotionally and bad for their immune system. many students have been affected by the coronavirus and we shouldn’t be sending them to schools. instead, they can learn online which was going well for kids and they were safe. some people don’t understand the seriousness of this threat, this may help them understand it to decide whether to send their children to school or not.


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Free write December 13

I feel like I’ve learned a lot in this class so far and this was a great semester. Im not behind on any assignment, I just have to submit my essay and prepare for that final. I did good on my unit 2 essay, not so good on unit 1, hopefully I do good on this unit 3 project. It’s crazy how one class can drop the entire gpa, so I’m trying to get a good grade in all of my classes so one thing doesn’t mess up my gpa. It’s really hard for me to do the whole work/ class balance thing because I have to get home before class and If I even miss the bus by a second  the next one come like 20 minutes later. But I feel like I’m doing okay in this class.

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