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Monday September 13 2021

A turning point in my education was definitely this year, as I never really did well in High school and i didn’t realize how important grades were until I started my first year of college. I wanted to dorm but I had such bad grades so I couldn’t get into any other school other than ccs or city tech, so I promised myself to do as well as I could this semester so I could get the chance to dorm. I know it’s only been a few weeks, but I definitely have had a hard time getting use to actually caring about the assignments and getting use to maintaining a schedule. I don’t have good work ethic at all, especially since I never bothered to study or review my notes during high school, but I am really trying to get better and become a better student so I can finish this semester well.

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  1. Muhammed Ishtiaque

    I went through a similar situation when I didn’t care about my grades, my way out of it and becoming a better student was asking myself why I wanted to be a better student. Hope it helps 🙂

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