Turning point in my education

I went to midwood highschool by brooklyn college and at first i enjoyed it. I did good in my classes, had a lot of friends from freshman’s to senior’s, and played on multiple teams like the football and tennis team. On top of that all my the teachers liked me along with the deans and most of the regular every day school staff. Then sophomore year came and something swithced inside of me and to this day i still dont know what exactly is that switched. I started cutting class in the staircase, started leaving early, and started coming in late. This only got worse throughout the year and by the end of sophomore year i was coming into school at around 11 even though i had classes starting at 7am and staying for a few periods, mostly in the staircase and then i would leave at like 1:30  along with the seniors. When i got to junior year i didnt even care to show up. For a week I showed up to school many hours late , would stay for a period and then leave and go hit my block. After this week i stopped going completely. I would wake up on time for school and get ready so that my mom would see me getting ready to leave. I would leave around the time she would for work, sometimes before sometimes after. She would go her day thinking i was in school and whole time all i did was either go back to bed or walk a couple blocks to my friends house. Some days she would come back home to me on the couch, on some nights she would know i didnt leave, some nights i would straight up tell her and some nights i would lie and say i went. Everyday my school would call and say i was absent and my mom got used the calls and stopped caring. Her mindset was she did all she could for me and i was throwing it all away. This continued for a year… i was dropped out for a year. I realized i couldnt waste my life away… actually i wouldnt say waste because the time i was dropped out, i made a lot of progress with my music and poetry. It was the happiest i was in a long time. To date, i have never been happier than when i got to focus 100% on my music. But like i was saying, i knew i couldnt sit home knowing my mom wanted me in school. I wanted to get things done. I spoke to my friend about a community highschool she went to and i applied. I went back to midwood after about a year to let my past counselor know i was in the process of tranferring an she tried to stop the process. She told me it wouldnt work and that they wouldnt accept me and all this other stuff to put me down but i did it anyway and sure enugh a couple months later i was admitted into the community highschool. I dedicated myself to finishing as fast as possible and with the help of an advocate counselor at the community highschool, and with the help of the sense of cumminity at this community highschool i miraculous graduated before all the students that were in my grade. i graduated 4 months early after having dropped out for a year. Oh and i forgot to mention i was actually valedictorian and my community highschool. They also convinced me to go to college and keep getting an education. Now im at city tech with the help of that community highschool. Now im trying my best here AND i work at the community highschool that got me to where i am today. The story obviously can get a lot more dense than this and there are a lot of factors i left out but i ran out of free write time lol. Id def. like to write more on this topic tho and really get into detail.