A turning point in my education was my first year of high school.  A tall myelinated woman would change my attuite towards  education.  I remember it being the first week in her class and we  were assigned a quiz and I definitely didn’t do my best on it. I scored very poorly and could remember her side stare at me when she  gave back the papers. The next day in class I sat at the back of the class because I was extremely embarrassed of my performance, but after a few self talk session. I went over to her desk and asked her for some help. She looked at me and asked what my name was I told her,  she got suck on my last name, and I had to pronounce it a few times for her to get it,  but she loved my name and was it represented. She talked about her root and we both found things in common.  she found  beautify in something that I never really accepted about myself because of the bullying I experience with it.  She was tough, funny and always knew which buttons to push. She over knew me better than I knew my self knew and would constantly let me know when I was not doing my best . All in all she instilled in me confidence. She helped me become a better version of my self and an even better student she is Ms. Harry.