For days I wonder…..when I can…..

For days I wonder…when it will be…..

Sometimes….I feel overworked.

Sometimes….I feel I need a break.


I work constantly to do work in school.

I work constantly to help my family.

I get exhausted very easily.

I get stressed very easily.


I just feel like I need a rest.

I just feel like I want a vacation.

Can I get a holiday?

Can I get at least a day off?


I love the holidays!

I love the days off!

I can be lazy.

I can have my reasons however.


I like my hobbies.

I also would like a break.

I am sometimes lazy.

I am a person who has those reasons however.


I can’t wait for whenever their is a holiday.

I can’t wait for relaxtion.

Many say I complain.

I have my reasons!