Climate change and global warming could quite literally kill us and the planet. It is a serious problem and doesn’t get the attention it deserves by the public. Climate change only has bad qualities, and nothing good about it. Climate change should be a top priority for our population.

Coral reefs are deplenishing and they are a big contribution to the population’s needs. Whatever happens to the coral reefs, is like a warning or maybe even domino effect. Once the coral reefs start to show negative signs, it means climate change is going to get worse. And if they heal or get better, it means climate change is taking a positive turn.  The first negative signs of the coral reefs were seen in 1998, and then got back on their feet again. But since 2009, it has just been downhill.  They also provide food to the rest of the world. With coral reef percentages going down, a lot of people could lose their main food source. They even compared coral reef percentages going down to percent declines in finances. “In finance, we worry about half-percent declines and half-percent changes in employment and interest rates.” The slightest change can have big consequences. Coral reefs are a big part of climate change.

Climate change has already taken effect on our planet. We have known since the 1980’s that climate change is a problem and we should do something about it. More recently as of 2020, we have especially seen it take place. For example, wildfires, deadly hurricanes and weird temperature changes ect… It seems like most of us know that climate change is a real issue, given that the government has to put in so much money to fix whatever was broken in these natural disasters. Everyones lives are affected by climate change, and we have already seen situations where it has. After bad hurricanes in Central America, people would come to the US border because they had nothing else. Climate change effects have gotten so bad to the point where it was deemed a threat to national security. “Climate Change Poses a Widening Threat to National Security.” Obviously, climate change has already commenced, yet not everyone will do something about it.

We are the reason for climate change. Mostly starting from the 1940’s, climate change has been going up and up and we have done little to do about it. For example, in 2015, many countries agreed to try and keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees celsius. Many have not met their end of the bargain, even though they are involved with a legal binding contract. The more greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, the worse it will get, like aerosols. It seems like even when we put high stakes to things like this, some people still don’t appreciate it.

We can see that more recently climate change has gotten worse than it ever has. Coral reefs have had a big contribution to the population’s needs and are affected by us. As a result of that, we have seen climate change affect us now, like we didn’t think this would ever happen. I feel like climate change just seemed like something that would happen eventually, but people would never think to happen in THEIR lifetime. We caused climate change. Climate change should be a top priority for our population.


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