The ball is rolling.

Journal Entry #4. I can happily say that I believe I have a system to my weekly schedules. And more than happy that I am keeping up. (YAY!) My supervisor and I have spoken about what it is that I will get done. I also realized that timelines are ideal. I mean, Iv’e known that timelines are extremely helpful, and important. But to help break things down for other people, they are even better. I took my own leisure to make one for Michael. So, when we met and he asked me for one, I already had it. I asked him if I could help with the magazine cover and he agreed that I could help edit a photo or two. Which is great, since I DID NOT want to take creative control either. The days are going great so far. It’s also great to see my hours filling up on my time sheet. It’s a pretty smooth day most of the time. I come in around 8:30a.m, stick to my little cubicle/office and just work away. I do also do some leisurely tasks. Coffee run, prints, basic Microsoft typing, etc. When I do finish my designs I have meetings with Michael and see what he thinks. So far it’s only been rough sketches. Approval first before computer work. But I am finally making them digital soon. I become so focused on my work when I am there. But the number one thing I am learning is that not everyone is going to love your ideas. There have been times where I say an idea that pops in my head, and it is not always approved. So, I need to completely switch it. The main thing I noticed is that the main request is to make the designs simple. Super simple. When 1p.m or 2p.m rolls around, everyone is talking about and running out to lunch. There have been sometimes when we’ve ordered and he actually covered my meal! Then, when 5p.m comes, I get ready to leave. Below is an example of their last magazine cover.


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