Cooper Hewitt Musuem Visit

On November 2nd, the whole class to a trip to the Cooper Hewitt Museum. Can’t lie, before then I had not visited a museum in a while. img_2839img_2840

There were some exhibits that really stood out to me. The first one being the “Who can afford to live in NYC?” exhibit. It was positioned on the walls in one of the stairways of the Museum. While there were many beautiful masterpieces in the building, THIS stood out the most to me. As a young adult in NYC, I hope to one day, sooner rather than later, move out on my own. As on the first year of my career. My boyfriend and I have been doing research of different areas in NYC. But, every research session ended in one result: NYC is VERY expensive to live in.

img_2824 img_2825img_2827 img_2826 img_2828 img_2838

The Instillation was broken down by each borough. The Upper East Side numbers blew my mind. I work in the Upper East Side so I deal with the people who live in that neighborhood often. I couldn’t help but think, “What do these people do for a living to live in the neighborhood?” “Why would you want to pay that much just for housing?” I of course looked at Queens, since that is where I hope to stay for the rest of my life. I am was born and raised in Queens and, I love the borough so much.

img_2810 img_2811

The second piece in the museum that caught my attention was the print plate from Loggie di Rafaele nel Vaticano (Raphael’s Loggia in the Vatican). Through the beginnings years of my college career, all my art history classes spoke of prints. Of course when I was studying them, I was tired of hearing of them. But, I found a new appreciation for the art that comes out of the process. I love seeing plate prints more than ever now.


Continuing on with my love for Plate art, the third piece that caught my attention. Livre de bijouterie, Book of Designs for Goldsmiths and Jewelers. These designs remind of goth-ish art inspiration. It automatically caught my attention. Boyvin’s engraved designs for rings and linked chains served as models for jewelers and goldsmiths, who could show them to clients to select styles to be produced. The designs were simply beautiful. Overall, it was a great visit. Also, a great reminder that I need to visit more often.