Let the creativity flow. Or not?

I’ve come to realize that my internship is part creativity and part administrative. While, I am creating and working on the companies logo and business cards, a lot of my job is office work. Of course, I am very happy to have an internship in the first place. I can’t complain. I am learning a lot about office behavior, dealing with co workers, and just the overall environment of being in an office. It is very helpful considering, that I plan to work in an office in the future. It is a real estate office so I have to remember, K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I forgot who told me that or where I heard it from. I guess I’ll take credit for it.

I had spoken to Michael all he said was to:

1. Keep it simple. “We want something clean looking.”

2. “Use our burgundy red color.”

3. “Something that looks up to date and can withstand time.


These are my first sketches. I skipped the drawing pad this time. I like the way it is looking so far. Today, the company has the bottom right “kw” as their logo. Not the exact font but it is very similar. I need to come up with more ideas before I meet with Michael about how the designs are going. We dedicate at least once a week to talk about how my designs are going. I am very happy that I am getting all of my hours in. So far it does not look like I will be missing hours. I was really concerned with that. I am coming AT LEAST 2 days a week. But, I am mostly here 3 full days. Plus any extra time I may have. I have spoken to the manager at my regular part time job and, I asked her about a month ago to only put me to work on the weekends. It has SERIOUSLY helped in terms of balancing everything.

The ball is rolling.

Journal Entry #4. I can happily say that I believe I have a system to my weekly schedules. And more than happy that I am keeping up. (YAY!) My supervisor and I have spoken about what it is that I will get done. I also realized that timelines are ideal. I mean, Iv’e known that timelines are extremely helpful, and important. But to help break things down for other people, they are even better. I took my own leisure to make one for Michael. So, when we met and he asked me for one, I already had it. I asked him if I could help with the magazine cover and he agreed that I could help edit a photo or two. Which is great, since I DID NOT want to take creative control either.Ā The days are going great so far. It’s also great to see my hours filling up on my time sheet. It’s a pretty smooth day most of the time. I come in around 8:30a.m, stick to my little cubicle/office and just work away. I do also do some leisurely tasks. Coffee run, prints, basic Microsoft typing, etc. When I do finish my designs I have meetings with Michael and see what he thinks. So far it’s only been rough sketches. Approval first before computer work. But I am finally making them digital soon. I become so focused on my work when I am there. But the number one thing I am learning is that not everyone is going to love your ideas. There have been times where I say an idea that pops in my head, and it is not always approved. So, I need to completely switch it. The main thing I noticed is that the main request is to make the designs simple. Super simple. When 1p.m or 2p.m rolls around, everyone is talking about and running out to lunch. There have been sometimes when we’ve ordered and he actually covered my meal! Then, when 5p.m comes, I get ready to leave. Below is an example of their last magazine cover.


Organizing, Scheduling and Arrangements.

Journal Entry #3. My agenda is my life in a book right now.Ā I really like the culture of my internship. It is very professional but everyone is nice to each other. They talk casually, and talk about other things besides work. I have met a lot of the team. Everyone is in work appropriate attire. When I go to my internship I have on black work slacks, black flats, and a work blouse. It is very similar to what I wear at my job. The only difference is, I can wear some sort of color here. At work the dress code is all black.The office is split between a bunch of cubicles, they look more like small offices to me, and it also has some seperate offices. There are conference/meeting rooms as well. Michael had mentioned that he might want me to introduce the designs to some other parties of the office near the end of my internship. I work in a cubicle. Typically, everyone comes in around 8:30am, and leave around 5 or 6. Michael expects the same from me as well. My main concern is reaching the 120 hours. I do my internship twice a week. So, hopefully I will. Whenever I am available 3 times a week (day off from school or work), I plan to do my internship instead.
One of the views from the office.

Not dying… yet.

Journal Entry #2. I met with Michael today in the office. The last time I was here was for my offer acceptance. It felt good to be back and walking throughout the office. He showed me around, introduced me to some of the team members, and showed me specifically where I will be working. I like my space, a lot. Itā€™s in a office setting, I have my own small desk, and Iā€™m kind of in my own space. I like working alone. But of course I know with my future jobs, that will mostly not be the case. Once he showed me the office, I then understood why a laptop was REQUIRED. Luckily I decided to buy my MacBook. I bought it just incase and for the heck of it to be honest. I thought my iMac at home would be more than enough. But now, I use my MacBook more than anything.
My job is as the design intern. Michael Duran, or Mike, is my direct supervisor. I go to him with any problem, concerns or questions. It was an in person interview with Michael. He did mention that he and one other person looked at my resume when considering me for the position. But I can not remember her name for the life of me. I will ask him the next time I see him. I showed him my work and my resume. He asked me what my schedule is like, and what I have going on. THANKFULLY, he only required two days of the week. I went to a ton of interviews and as I got closer into the interview process, I was always stopped when it came time to talk of my availability. So many people required three days of the week. I am more than lucky to have an internship that only requires two.
I submitted my resume and application, waited 8 days to hear a response. I had the interview, 3 days later I got the call to come back to the office. There I was given the intern position. I was asked about my current schedule, what I have going on, what I plan to do after college, where do I see myself working, and a couple of other things.

And so it begins…

Journal Entry #1. This is going to be an extremely stressful next couple of months. I have work, internship and my final classes. But I know at the end, the reward will be great. I have to remember it will be all worth it. My schedule is packed, but I made it so I can separate time for all it.


I met with my supervisor Michael/Mike. Whichever according to him. The company I am interning in is called Keller Williams Trademark 2. It is a fairly large company that networks in many parts of the U.S. The companies primary business is real estate. They also have a magazine called OutFront Magazine. it is a magazine dedicated to theĀ success strategiesĀ among theĀ associates throughout the world, and leading-edge strategies to help associates succeed in their market and grow market share. While I communicate with many members of the team, Michael is the one I work with directly. The company has won many many awards this year and in the past. My Ā responsibilities will be to redesign the logo, create brochures for some upcoming events and to work in part with the magazine. Michael will speak with me more about it in our upcoming meeting. Luckily the office is in Queens. It’s closer to home.