Let the creativity flow. Or not?

I’ve come to realize that my internship is part creativity and part administrative. While, I am creating and working on the companies logo and business cards, a lot of my job is office work. Of course, I am very happy to have an internship in the first place. I can’t complain. I am learning a lot about office behavior, dealing with co workers, and just the overall environment of being in an office. It is very helpful considering, that I plan to work in an office in the future. It is a real estate office so I have to remember, K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I forgot who told me that or where I heard it from. I guess I’ll take credit for it.

I had spoken to Michael all he said was to:

1. Keep it simple. “We want something clean looking.”

2. “Use our burgundy red color.”

3. “Something that looks up to date and can withstand time.


These are my first sketches. I skipped the drawing pad this time. I like the way it is looking so far. Today, the company has the bottom right “kw” as their logo. Not the exact font but it is very similar. I need to come up with more ideas before I meet with Michael about how the designs are going. We dedicate at least once a week to talk about how my designs are going. I am very happy that I am getting all of my hours in. So far it does not look like I will be missing hours. I was really concerned with that. I am coming AT LEAST 2 days a week. But, I am mostly here 3 full days. Plus any extra time I may have. I have spoken to the manager at my regular part time job and, I asked her about a month ago to only put me to work on the weekends. It has SERIOUSLY helped in terms of balancing everything.