Organizing, Scheduling and Arrangements.

Journal Entry #3. My agenda is my life in a book right now. I really like the culture of my internship. It is very professional but everyone is nice to each other. They talk casually, and talk about other things besides work. I have met a lot of the team. Everyone is in work appropriate attire. When I go to my internship I have on black work slacks, black flats, and a work blouse. It is very similar to what I wear at my job. The only difference is, I can wear some sort of color here. At work the dress code is all black.The office is split between a bunch of cubicles, they look more like small offices to me, and it also has some seperate offices. There are conference/meeting rooms as well. Michael had mentioned that he might want me to introduce the designs to some other parties of the office near the end of my internship. I work in a cubicle. Typically, everyone comes in around 8:30am, and leave around 5 or 6. Michael expects the same from me as well. My main concern is reaching the 120 hours. I do my internship twice a week. So, hopefully I will. Whenever I am available 3 times a week (day off from school or work), I plan to do my internship instead.
One of the views from the office.