Dropbox App Review

dropbox-logo Is there really anyone in this world, that doesn’t love Dropbox? Like, seriously? Dropbox is such a beautiful thing created by some magical human being. Maybe a bit dramatic of me to say. I used Dropbox EVERYDAY. It is essential for one of my final classes. Honestly, it is something that I couldn’t imagine going through college without. Ever since one of my USB’s died on me in one of my semesters, I have been a strong believer in backing EVERYTHING up. And, they give you a ton of space for free. Here’s my quick review of the beauty that is, Dropbox.

Speaking of magical human beings, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi were MIT students who made Dropbox. Of course you could use Dropbox from your computer as well. Dropbox can be used for free for anyone with moderate needs. Anyone really, even college students. So that’s automatic plus! For those to need a bit more, you could pay $8.25 a month for an extra 1TB of space. For Business Teams, up to 5 people can access an account for $12.50 a month.

App Sharing! You can edit your files directly from your phone. Just download the Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat apps to edit and re-upload it to Dropbox. Can’t make it any easier.



Overall, Dropbox is an incredible tool. The app is nothing less. I highly recommend it. Is there any con?