Apple iPhone Photography Workshop

On October 3rd, I attended the Apple iPhone Photography Workshop at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island. I don’t live far from that store location and it seemed like a workshop I can actually apply to my everyday life. The only social media platform I am part of is Instagram. So, I took take random pictures on a daily basis. I am NO photographer. But, I was hoping to learn some tips to learn more about taking photos with my iPhone. img_2542

When I walked into the store, it was extremely busy. I was surprised for a Sunday afternoon. I checked in with a specialist and headed to the back of the store like he mentioned. The workshop was not set up as I hoped it would be. It was set up on one of the tables with 4 seats. I was expecting a closed off area with seats.There was the instructor, Nick, and he was showing us everything on a monitor he had set up. It was only me, my boyfriend and one other woman taking the workshop.


I actually learned a couple of really helpful tips. Nick showed us how to properly capture a shot, the different types of photo settings to choose from, and how to edit with the photos app. The number one tip that was given was to keep photos simple. It’s all about keeping a harmonious composition. Empty space is a good thing! We were shown the, obvious to me, photo ideas. For example, aligning your subject diagonally, and to using symmetry, He also gave us a couple of cool photo concepts to try out.  He mentioned shooting from a low angle, or shooting from the level of your subject. I definitely want to try to use it when I take photos of my little sister. He also mentioned “breaking the barriers.” Instead of trying to hide shadows in photos, try taking the photo with them front and center. After, we went into editing.

img_2546 img_2547

After I registered for the workshop, Apple mentioned brining our phones so we could learn hands on. It was great to actually do it ourselves so we could follow along. I had no idea the Photos App had these many edit options.

Overall, it was a helpful workshop. There were plenty of things I learned today. I learned how to shoot photos more creatively and various techniques. I also learned creative ways to adjust and edit my photos. It was a great way to improve my skills.