Grey Advertisement Visit

On November 17th I took a tour of Grey Advertisement Agency with the City Tech Art & Design Club. And wow, what an experience. We met in front of 200 5th Ave. When we got to the 3rd floor, we met Sara. She was a Human Resource staff member that led us to a large meeting room. It was really nice.


There was a huge Samsung TV on the wall, with a long table that must of sat at least 18 people. Sara showed us a couple of videos introducing Grey, the history behind the brand, their most popular companies they work for, programs they run for staff, and some clips of other parts of the building. I had no idea Grey was celebrating 100 years of being a strong force in the industry. Some of the programs she mentioned was Grey University. A FREE 4 hour long session of classes that the employees can take. She had described the class as intensive design classes that someone might of wanted to learn in college but were not able to. I wish they offered it to everyone.


Reception Area/ All the awards

We then met Lucy. Lucy is the head recruiter. Wow, what a chance to meet her. We asked her so many questions. We asked her, “What does she look for in a book? (portfolio)” “What is the strongest piece you’ve seen?” “What do you look for in someone when they apply?” Etc, etc. She answered everything. She expects dedication. When there is a big campaign or project due, she expects everyone to stay and work as hard as possible. She also mentioned that Grey has a “No asshole policy”. Everyone in the office work well together and doesn’t want any echo’s to attitudes around. We all laughed.

img_2997 img_2999

Overall, it was a great expierence. It just seems SO surreal. I can’t believe I am about to enter this world. Some of the clients they have include, Covergirl, Febreze, Volvo and Canon. Then, we met Alexa. I would recommend any Advertisement students to attend this tour. I believe they try to do it every year.