Not dying… yet.

Journal Entry #2. I met with Michael today in the office. The last time I was here was for my offer acceptance. It felt good to be back and walking throughout the office. He showed me around, introduced me to some of the team members, and showed me specifically where I will be working. I like my space, a lot. It’s in a office setting, I have my own small desk, and I’m kind of in my own space. I like working alone. But of course I know with my future jobs, that will mostly not be the case. Once he showed me the office, I then understood why a laptop was REQUIRED. Luckily I decided to buy my MacBook. I bought it just incase and for the heck of it to be honest. I thought my iMac at home would be more than enough. But now, I use my MacBook more than anything.
My job is as the design intern. Michael Duran, or Mike, is my direct supervisor. I go to him with any problem, concerns or questions. It was an in person interview with Michael. He did mention that he and one other person looked at my resume when considering me for the position. But I can not remember her name for the life of me. I will ask him the next time I see him. I showed him my work and my resume. He asked me what my schedule is like, and what I have going on. THANKFULLY, he only required two days of the week. I went to a ton of interviews and as I got closer into the interview process, I was always stopped when it came time to talk of my availability. So many people required three days of the week. I am more than lucky to have an internship that only requires two.
I submitted my resume and application, waited 8 days to hear a response. I had the interview, 3 days later I got the call to come back to the office. There I was given the intern position. I was asked about my current schedule, what I have going on, what I plan to do after college, where do I see myself working, and a couple of other things.