And so it begins…

Journal Entry #1. This is going to be an extremely stressful next couple of months. I have work, internship and my final classes. But I know at the end, the reward will be great. I have to remember it will be all worth it. My schedule is packed, but I made it so I can separate time for all it.


I met with my supervisor Michael/Mike. Whichever according to him. The company I am interning in is called Keller Williams Trademark 2. It is a fairly large company that networks in many parts of the U.S. The companies primary business is real estate. They also have a magazine called OutFront Magazine. it is a magazine dedicated to theĀ success strategiesĀ among theĀ associates throughout the world, and leading-edge strategies to help associates succeed in their market and grow market share. While I communicate with many members of the team, Michael is the one I work with directly. The company has won many many awards this year and in the past. My Ā responsibilities will be to redesign the logo, create brochures for some upcoming events and to work in part with the magazine. Michael will speak with me more about it in our upcoming meeting. Luckily the office is in Queens. It’s closer to home.