Science isn’t my thing.

So, I am the genius who decided to take my last 3 senior classes and Bio 2 at the same time. Yes, it is as bad as it sounds. Easily, might be my most stressful class at the moment. I feel kind of bad that a lot of my journals are of me venting, but it’s what’s on my mind.

Back to my internship I have done a TON of administrative work. It is great experience. Especially since the beginning position in the company I hope to go into requires administrative experience.  I grab coffee for everyone, I file, I make very simple documents, I also have done some reception work. It is also great because I am learning a lot about office environments and how people work together. As expected, not everyone will like each other. Many will bump heads.









These are my sketches for the logo I’ve been trying to make for the company. It is so weird. I have never had trouble making logos. But, this one definitely was hard for me. I must of done 5 of these logo sheets. Usually, I can picture a logo in my head right away. But I am really liking the lower logo on the second page. I think Michael was liking it too. Next, business cards. I have to make a holiday Facebook post, eventually.