Dayna Edit Stress Rios

Is what my name should be at this point. This is all I do. I edit and I feel stressed out 95% of the time. If I could go back in time I definitely would of broken up my classes more. The ONE class I am very up up to date with is Senior Project. Which I am SO SO SO relieved about. Of course, I take each of my senior classes seriously. Very seriously. I only say that because I was fairly share I would be behind on the work for that class by now. But, I happily am not behind. I am actually on point. I deserve something great after surviving this semester. I don’t know what yet. A trip to Paris sounds superb right now.

I want to ask my SEEK advisor if I could come in and talk to students. Not for anything in exchange, just to give some advice. I really am thinking of asking him. Now that my college career is now ending (OMG IT FEELS SO GOOD TO TYPE THAT), I have so many tips I would like to give to early students.

In terms of my internship, thank goodness it is not stressful. It is a de-stress. I always complain about the office and, how terribly BORING it can be. But, there are times when I come in and the peace is much needed. I think the theme of my presentation is going to be “Multitasking” or “Long Days”. The main reason being because a day for me consist of multiple things. Like yesterday, it was school in the morning, then my internship for a couple of hours then 3 hours of my job. Sometimes my days are just so long. I’m sure many of my fellow classmates feel the same way. Or do the same thing. We’re almost there.