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Final Project on Lactaid Milk

My final project will be on Awareness on Lactaid Milk.  My target audience is people who are lactose intolerance. I want an awareness campaign on Lactaid Milk. I want to do still life and portrait photography. I want the images to be informative and cheerful also to excite the audience about the product. It’s definitely literal to explain the product. My images will include the Lactaid milk all products.


I want Lactaid Milk to be shown as happy and healthy living. Educating people on what the milk has and not have. I will use taglines to educate people more about the milk. I will need milk and gallon of milk and blue background. The light needs to be bright in order to see the white color milk.

For example, 75% of the population of the world is a lactose intolerance. All the taglines will be on facts about milk.

Final Project Proposal

Main Topic: Ore Ida
Focus: Product
Audience Description: Young urban adults 20-30 who have forgotten about the great taste of OreIda French fries, and avoid frozen food because it isn’t healthy.

Tone: Fun & Fresh

Tagline: Seeing Things?

My photos will have a surrealistic and bright look and feel and will show French fries taking the place of common household items. (See inspiration from Olivia locher)

4 shots planned

French fries as shoelaces (Shoestring/regular)
French Fries as earrings (curly)
French Fries as a phone cord (curly)
French Fries as a picture frame (crinkle cut)


Final project proposal

For my final project, I wanted to do something different, fresh, vibrant and unusual with my pieces. My foundation as an artist led me to be a graphic designer transitioning into advertising and design. I wanted to pay homage to my first love which is art. I conducted some research to see what I wanted to do with the idea of art and came across an article that has 20 modern remakes of famous paintings. From this, it sparked an idea of “Art redefined in your image today.” This means that I’ll gather subjects to reenact how these famous subjects would pose today in 2018 using my subject’s personality of how they pose. Below I will include some visual inspiration that I will include in my shoot day1-day3.


The famous paintings I’ll use.











The color’s I’ll use on my subjects which is bold and vivid and will be lighted with gel fills will an already colored background.


The last thing that I would want to do is to make my subject draw doodles of images and words that describe who they’re as a person. this will be placed behind the subjects once I’ve digitalized it.

Here are some examples:





Richard froster

Richard Froster’s photographs are very surrealistic. The photos are mostly white with a hint of color. The colors are very strong and grabs attention. There’s a strong black and white in his picture with a little hint of color. It makes you feel calm, quiet and deep inside. At some extent it makes me feel very lonely which is very poetic.

Marcel Christ and Gregg Schapps

The two glass photos by Marcel Christ and Gregg Schapps are different and similar at the same time. The difference between these two photos at Marcel Christ is pouring the milk into the glass and Gregg Schapps is using color full Rubik’s cubes. Marcel is using diffuse reflection to create a reflection. It makes the reflection paper and the milk is also blending in with white background. The milk is pouring in the into the glass and it makes abstract shapes with that. Gregg is using direct reflection to produce a full glass of water with a splash of Rubik’s cubes. Both are similar images because it contains same content of glass and milk and water. In Gregg’s images, colors are balanced and pleasing to look at it. Both photographers achieve means of direct and diffuse direction.

Marcel & Gregg

Marcel Christ and Gregg sschapps has two different taste when it comes to photography. As any other photographer you have your distinct style that no one else could copy. Marcel & Gregg took the approach to photography glass with a difference in lighting. Marcel took his approach of photographing glass that seems to be more of a natural light, the reflection is subtle and isn’t harsh, but soft. However, even though the picture of the milk pouring into the glass was manipulated to be a tree it’s disturbing to look at. Greggs, approach was subtle, but bold with color, prompts and the lighting of the glass. You can tell that this image was extremely photo retouched. The cast shadow is pitch dark. And the rubrics cube made everything thing look sharp,but fun. All in all I would try to merge their style into one photograph

Marcel Christ and Gregg SSchapps

Marcel Christ’s glass photo is a beautiful glass photo because the milk splash doesn’t only show a perfect reflection but also in my eyes the milk splash looks like a tree. However, Gregg SSchapps  took a different approach to his glass photo. SSchapps’s photo is more darker with more colors. His photo has more of a sharp contrast especially the blue color in the cup and the lighter blue background which brings it together. Marcel Christ chose to pour the milk in the glass and took the photo while that was happening which captured this beautiful motion. Also his photo is lighter than SSchapps’s  with the reflection of on the bottom of the glass. SSchapps’s photo also shows reflection on the glass but with a dark shadow on the side. Unlike Marcel Christ, SSchapps chose to drop the rubik’s cube in the water to get this motion and took the picture while the forth one was in mid drop and showing the hand dropping the rubik’s cube

Final Project Proposal

I read this poem called “Life Without Technology” at this site and its all about we as human beings are being held captive by the technology thats all around us. Even I get caught up in this problem. I officially became a zombie when I got my first cellphone in high school. Even to this day which is mostly my fault but try to get out of it by distracting myself with healthy activities like yoga, cleaning, cooking, and all sorts of everyday stuff that we as human beings need to survive in life.


Inspiration: Marcel Christ & Gregg Schapps

The reflection of the glass of milk has a stunning reflection on the surface. I even like how it fades as it goes towards the bottom. Mark Christ creates a wonderful splash effect when pouring milk into the glass. The splash on the bottom looks believable but as you go up it looks like a close resemblance of a tree which makes the photo look fantastic. In Gregg Schapps’ photo it looks more natural and vibrant. The colors are popping out at you from both the water and the rubix cubes. The splash was spot on target.

Final Project- Paul Laurence Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar a son of Emancipated African Americans and writer who lived from 1872 thru 1906. He wrote and published several books of poetry written in broken English as tribute to his parent’s roots of plantation life. For this final project in Advanced Photography I am creating visual content for a poem in Dunbar’s book, Joggin’ Erlong entitled Spring Fever. This book was published the year of his death.
While a complete collection of Dunbar’s poems is on the internet, my inspiration comes from the physical book. The cover is fitted with red fabric with a pattern that resembles ameba, reminiscent of bandanas worn by select groups as a fashion and symbol allegiance to their set. Within the book are light, and modest illustrations that border poems and embellish pages, along with photographs of black people.
Spring Fever is a poem about what it is like to wake up on a spring day on the plantation. Opening with the complaints of being woken up by the birds fighting and expressing the want for more rest. The result of lack of sleep is the urge to sleep in but work needs to be done and the “Mastah” is yelling. Yet still, they move slow. The result is violence.



The images I will be creating for this project will consist of both still life and models.

Shoot 1: As representation of the squabbling birds we will use two models on a grey background with a single light over head or from the side. They will interact a short distance from one another in a mock dominance display.

Shoot 2: Still life of spring flowers on a dark background lit from the side, high contrast dramatic.

Shoot 3: Self portrait consisting of flower elements. Dark Silhouette image, light through floral print fabric.