Inspiration: Philip Lorca-Dicorcia Hustlers

The image of Philip Lorca-Dicorcia from the series ‘Hustlers’ is a white man without a shirt on; he’s standing in front of a restaurant. We can tell is a restaurant because we see a burger and a cup of soda on top of a container or table. The man is outside of the restaurant; he can be seen through the glass of the store clearly. This composition was setup because the sun is not visible and the image has a simulation that the sunset is lighting the subject. A bright key light was placed on the side, to light side view of the man. Another light was placed inside of the store; short enough to light the burger and the cup. Color wise, the composition has a blue/green and orange/red look, which I like.

One thought on “Inspiration: Philip Lorca-Dicorcia Hustlers

  1. rmichals

    the lighting here is perfect, calling attention to the man and the burger. It is impossible not to make a connection between them.. The burger almost taunts him.


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