Final Project Proposal

Main Topic: Ore Ida
Focus: Product
Audience Description: Young urban adults 20-30 who have forgotten about the great taste of OreIda French fries, and avoid frozen food because it isn’t healthy.

Tone: Fun & Fresh

Tagline: Seeing Things?

My photos will have a surrealistic and bright look and feel and will show French fries taking the place of common household items. (See inspiration from Olivia locher)

4 shots planned

French fries as shoelaces (Shoestring/regular)
French Fries as earrings (curly)
French Fries as a phone cord (curly)
French Fries as a picture frame (crinkle cut)


One thought on “Final Project Proposal

  1. rmichals

    Please do some research on Ore Ida including 1. A background summary of the product 2. An frank evaluation of the product 3. The major competitors 4. A summary of current advertising

    When I googled it, I learned immediately that it is sold at Walmart. Is part of the intention of your campaign to make it appeal to an upscale urban audience? Then the conceptual photography would make sense.

    Of your four shots (remember the assignment has 6 final images) which ones are purely still life and which will have models?

    Looking at Olivia Locher’s work, the lighting style is very flat, front light. Are you thinking to use the same? We have a very large soft box that creates that look.

    Since the Ore Ida package is red, I would imagine that red would be important in your photos.


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