Yousuf Karsh & Nadav Kander

Yousuf Karsh definitely has one unique style and you can see the same sort of style through all his photography. His photography is very dramatic with exquisite lighting. He photographs a lot of celebrities and historic people throughout his career. He specializes in portrait photography and I believe he is successful at it because of his positioning of the subject and lighting. The photos captivate you and make you wonder more about who the subject is if you already don’t know. They give the person an extra sense of greatness. He knew the best way to light the subject and how to get the readers eyes to follow the story in the image. He would learn about his subjects so he could position them in a way to tell their story. He would not prepare in advance for the photoshoot instead he would think of everything the day of. This sort of unpinning is what helps a photographer think on their feet and can usually creat the most interesting images.


Nadav Kander is a modern day portrait photographer that spends most of his time photographing celebrities. He uses very cool colors in his photography work and in lighting his subjects. You can almost instantly tell something is his work from the aroma of cool blue lighting hitting the subject or the frame. I believe Nadav has use this cool light to his advantage in making himself stand out from the average portrait photographer and establishing a style thats true to himself. Nadav also has a great eye for positioning his subjects in an interesting way. He is known for his portrait photography, but he also specializes in landscape and other forms oh photography. But yet you can lost see his style across all different arrays of his work. I believe the cool colors would be the best way to describe his style of work. He loves using them.

2 thoughts on “Yousuf Karsh & Nadav Kander

  1. rmichals

    I would describe the style of Yousuf Karsh as using a few compositional tools very effectively. One is how tightly he frames a person’s face. He got in very tight with Fidel Castro who glares out directly at us. And in this case, while the main light is at around 45 degrees, classic Rembrandt light, he uses a kicker on both sides of Castro’s face, not classical lighting at all.

    Kandar does use color and other choices maybe not available to Karsh but when I look at a page of images by either photographer, the tendency is towards low key light and both use broad or short light very frequently.

  2. Allan Andreoli

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