Inspiration: Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion

Richard Avedon’s portrait style is unique because most of the times he only uses front light; He places above the subject most of the times. Jonathan Mannion who was Richard Avedon’s assistant, uses the same technique for the photograph of Jay Z; Front light and it was placed above the subject. We can tell the light was placed above the subject because of the harsh shadow of the hat on his forehead. Not just for Jay Z Mannion uses the same light style but also for Ice Cube. We can tell it was front light placed above the subject.

One thought on “Inspiration: Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion

  1. rmichals

    You characterize Avedon’s style correctly. What is interesting is that he uses the same style for everyone: a famous model, a politician, a trucker. Its oddly democratizing. Mannion uses many lighting styles. I think it was a sign of respect for Jay Z to photograph him in Avedon’s style.


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