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For my final project, I wanted to do something different, fresh, vibrant and unusual with my pieces. My foundation as an artist led┬áme to be a graphic designer transitioning into advertising and design. I wanted to pay homage to my first love which is art. I conducted some research to see what I wanted to do with the idea of art and came across an article that has 20 modern remakes of famous paintings. From this, it sparked an idea of “Art redefined in your image today.” This means that I’ll gather subjects to reenact how these famous subjects would pose today in 2018 using my subject’s personality of how they pose. Below I will include some visual inspiration that I will include in my shoot day1-day3.


The famous paintings I’ll use.











The color’s I’ll use on my subjects which is bold and vivid and will be lighted with gel fills will an already colored background.


The last thing that I would want to do is to make my┬ásubject draw doodles of images and words that describe who they’re as a person. this will be placed behind the subjects once I’ve┬ádigitalized it.

Here are some examples:





One thought on “Final project proposal

  1. rmichals

    You have three different ideas here. You should pick one of these three ideas.

    If you are going to take on famous paintings that is enough of an idea. Take a look at the version of the Vermeer done by Erizku. And the version of the Grant Wood done by Gordon Parks. I think we even saw it on our field trip. I am requiring 6 final images so you would need six. I would insert them here but I guess you can’t do that in a comment. You can google them.

    If you want to create portraits with saturated colors that its own project. I would suggest finding a topic. this is a technique not a subject.

    Your last idea is more of a photoshop project which you could take on if you want. Again, its more of a technique than a subject.


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