Final Project on Lactaid Milk

My final project will be on Awareness on Lactaid Milk.  My target audience is people who are lactose intolerance. I want an awareness campaign on Lactaid Milk. I want to do still life and portrait photography. I want the images to be informative and cheerful also to excite the audience about the product. It’s definitely literal to explain the product. My images will include the Lactaid milk all products.


I want Lactaid Milk to be shown as happy and healthy living. Educating people on what the milk has and not have. I will use taglines to educate people more about the milk. I will need milk and gallon of milk and blue background. The light needs to be bright in order to see the white color milk.

For example, 75% of the population of the world is a lactose intolerance. All the taglines will be on facts about milk.

2 thoughts on “Final Project on Lactaid Milk

  1. rmichals

    Lactaid Milk is the brand or is this a public service campaign about lactose intolerance?

    Please do one of the following: If it is about the brand then
    1. A background summary of the product or service, 2. An frank evaluation of the product 3. The major competitors 4. A summary of current advertising

    otherwise find an article about lactose intolerance to work with.

    and then get specific: 1. For your idea with people how do you imagine the shot? How tight will the framing be? Will the person drink the milk or just be looking happy and healthy. If the person is going to drink the milk remember how hard it is to light glass.

    Blue does seem to be the color used in milk ads. Will the person wear blue? or white?

    For your still life idea, what are the props? Are you going to pour the mil or just have it in the glass.

    And what is your third idea?

    I like the two examples you posted but both involve a lot of photoshop work. Is you project going to go in that direction or be more straightforward photography?

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