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Gregory Heisler

This photograph that Gregory Heisler took got my attention because I mostly enjoy looking and taking great black and white photos. While examing it the visual hierarchy drew attention to the man wearing all black, even though the background is present. The negative space is what makes this piece intriguing, as the land filled with snow resembles the reflection of the sky along with a spec of light coming out from behind the gloomy clouds. The expression I get from looking at this photograph is sadness because the man standing outside by himself is in isolation with the model own thoughts, And the only tree in plain sight is dead.

Gregory Heisler

One of my favorite portraits by Gregory Heisler is from his simple series. His subject is placed more on the right side of the gride not really in the middle which worked with the choice of lighting he uses and the dark background. The lighting he used is I believe short or broad light because the right side of his face most of it has a light on it and the left the side of his face barely or has no light shining on it. The model’s expression is more of a serious kind of sad but more serious expression which worked out well with the lighting styles that Heisler used.

Richard Foster

Richard Foster’s work is beautiful he made still life photography look excellent with just perfume bottles, lighting, and colors. I believe he uses gels or adds the colors and angles the product in about a 45-degree angle to get the right reflections without this ugly glares. And that’s what he showed in his Prada fragrance campaign. For his Tom Ford campaigns, he used a live projection in one of his images for Tom Ford and I liked how he projected the image to just slide through the background showing the beautiful colors the through the bottle to a black background where it focused on the perfume bottle. Where his other Tom Ford image he angled the bottle with less light and fill which made the background dark but the product light with reflections and shadows. Same to what he did for the first Tom Ford campaigns the Stella McCartney perfume bottle is also angled the same way or almost the same way but the lighting and choices where different. It looks like the light is in front of the perfume but not directly shinning at it because of its reflecting in front of the bottle with a little shadow and glare but not this weird glare. Overall, Richard Foster’s work for these campaigns is really beautiful and my favorite is his Tom Ford campaigns. He made still life photography look good with just one item by creating shapes and colors so there is much more going on than just a regular product shot.

Michael Paul Smith

Michael Paul Smith’s work is amazing in the fact that he makes toy cars look like they are real life like cars. He sets up his cars on location on a table then takes the image up close i believe but he ends up with amazing results that amazed me. When I first looked at his work I thought these were real life cars that he shot. But then I saw the image under it of the toy cars set up in the way he took the image to make it look life like and also looking closely his work shows a 1950s feel based on the cars he photographs.


Annie Liebowitz photograph of Demi Moore pregnant portrait shows more of a dramatic look. And that helped with the dark background and the fill light on her face that gave it more of a dramatic look. And the Beyonce photograph by Awol Erizku also had a dramatic/serious look with similar lighting styles, to be it looks like Erizku used front light and a fill to get this results. Both images have contrast. But I believe that Liebowitz’s image of Demi Moore has a strong and sharper contrast then Erizku’s Beyonce photograph. Which might have to do with the fact that Liebowitz’s image has no background except the dark background and the fill light making Demi Moore the main focus. Unlike Erizku’s image that has so much going on with the flowers behind Beyonce making us not only focus on her but on the background as well.

Inspiration-Dawoud Bey

After seeing Dawoud Bey class pictures, I have noticed some robust features in his work that have stood out to me. The way Dawoud Bey uses the lighting and foreground-background to make the subject stand out. In his portrait, the subject is the primary focus, and each subject has a different expression. For example in one of his photographer, he uses the young girl (Lauren) to portrait as someone who is hopeful and thankful. Her appearance matches well with the captions; it captures a girl whose grateful to her parents and who has a bright future. Bey’s Shalanta portraits capture a young girl whose strong and confident. The reason why Shalanta portraits this way is because of her facial expressions, her smile. Her hands crossed under her chin, and the smile shows someone whose willing to take on the world. It portrays someone who knows what she wants in life. Bey’s portraits have different subjects, each subject posing differently. The facial expression on his subject plays a significant role you get to feel and see the theme each subject is feeling. The subject expression defines who they are; you feel their hope and ideas. Their pose expresses their thoughts and emotions.  In Bey’s portraits, the background plays a role as well.  We see that they are students and they’re the future. The lighting used on the subjects make each subject proud and confident. When it comes to portraits photography, I lack in that area. I don’t often show my ideas. The ideas I got from Bey’s photography is to use lighting and foreground-background.

Inspiration: Annie Lebowitz & Awol Erizku

In the photograph of Demi Moore, Annie Lebowitz took a natural and simplistic approach. Lighting is minimal but strong and dramatic. Lighting most of her face and filling in other places. I feel this image brings out more of the purpose behind the shoot. She is naked / natural and that makes it feel very authentic. With the photograph of Beyonce, Awol Erizku created this shot using straight forward lighting. All the elements in the photo consists of mostly flowers all over the place. It has very captivating imagery. Although very different from the Demi Moore photo it captures a sense of nature and naturalistic vibes as well.

Inspiration: Michael Paul Smith

Michael Paul Smith’s work is extremely compelling because his work is very intricate, every little detail matters when it comes to shooting one of his car scenes. Every little detail about his shoots is important but he mentions how the most important factors are the camera and the natural lighting because they make the photo come alive. Its important to look at these factors for him because it makes the photo look real and makes the scene look more authentic. With the correct camera to take just the right photo and just the right lighting to make the scene look more realistic which make his photos as captivating as they are.  After taking some pointers from Michael Paul Smith’s work I think considering both the camera being used and the amount of lighting being displayed would have a significant impact of the photos that I will take.

Inspiration: Richard Foster

Richard Foster’s work is very detailed; he captures such detail in his photos with just one simple shot. After looking at his work it is quite obvious how much is put into each of his photos because he not only focuses on a particular image but he uses his background to captivate the image as a whole. He uses color of the backdrop of incorporates other features into his photos that make the image captivating overall. He uses such small detail to help make the photo that much more compelling because it adds a certain essence to it. With his still photos you can just grasp so much depth and detail which is interesting because the picture being taken is just of a simple item but depending on the angles and the lighting along with other aspects of taking the photo make the image much more appealing overall.  

Inspiration: Gregory Heisler

Gregory Heisler is such an interesting photographer because his work changes from one concept to the next. His photos may seem the same but in their own little way they differ from one picture to the next.  One of the photos that stood out the most was listed as another photo on his site, it’s a picture taken of a diner. This photo is set at night and is taken from an overhead angle but the photo has this blurred aspect to it as if someone took the photo in passing.  The sign is so captivating because the red light shines bright, the photo almost has this old school vibe that comes across when looking at the image. It is such a beautiful photo taken without much being involved in the image overall because just the sign and the angle it was taken made the photo come out so well. He made such an impact with a simple photo any story can come across from the single image.