Richard Foster

Richard Foster’s work is beautiful he made still life photography look excellent with just perfume bottles, lighting, and colors. I believe he uses gels or adds the colors and angles the product in about a 45-degree angle to get the right reflections without this ugly glares. And that’s what he showed in his Prada fragrance campaign. For his Tom Ford campaigns, he used a live projection in one of his images for Tom Ford and I liked how he projected the image to just slide through the background showing the beautiful colors the through the bottle to a black background where it focused on the perfume bottle. Where his other Tom Ford image he angled the bottle with less light and fill which made the background dark but the product light with reflections and shadows. Same to what he did for the first Tom Ford campaigns the Stella McCartney perfume bottle is also angled the same way or almost the same way but the lighting and choices where different. It looks like the light is in front of the perfume but not directly shinning at it because of its reflecting in front of the bottle with a little shadow and glare but not this weird glare. Overall, Richard Foster’s work for these campaigns is really beautiful and my favorite is his Tom Ford campaigns. He made still life photography look good with just one item by creating shapes and colors so there is much more going on than just a regular product shot.

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