Marcel Christ and Gregg SSchapps

Marcel Christ’s glass photo is a beautiful glass photo because the milk splash doesn’t only show a perfect reflection but also in my eyes the milk splash looks like a tree. However, Gregg SSchapps  took a different approach to his glass photo. SSchapps’s photo is more darker with more colors. His photo has more of a sharp contrast especially the blue color in the cup and the lighter blue background which brings it together. Marcel Christ chose to pour the milk in the glass and took the photo while that was happening which captured this beautiful motion. Also his photo is lighter than SSchapps’s  with the reflection of on the bottom of the glass. SSchapps’s photo also shows reflection on the glass but with a dark shadow on the side. Unlike Marcel Christ, SSchapps chose to drop the rubik’s cube in the water to get this motion and took the picture while the forth one was in mid drop and showing the hand dropping the rubik’s cube

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