Final Project Proposal

I read this poem called “Life Without Technology” at this site and its all about we as human beings are being held captive by the technology thats all around us. Even I get caught up in this problem. I officially became a zombie when I got my first cellphone in high school. Even to this day which is mostly my fault but try to get out of it by distracting myself with healthy activities like yoga, cleaning, cooking, and all sorts of everyday stuff that we as human beings need to survive in life.


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About Justin Jackson

I have always been inspired by art from when I was a little kid to now. It really catches my attention. I seen art in many types of forms: cooking, music, graffiti, dancing, painting, and etc. There are unlimited possibilities of how art is expressed. It even sets a mood in motion for people to understand one another. That is why I want to be an artist. An artist’s salary is around $44,000 a year which is not bad since it is a field you would love to pursue in. You get to work in big open spaces like warehouses, studios in office buildings, and lofts. Most of the time artists work part-time which is kind of convenient for me because I have a job that is not related to this field but it could work well with my schedule.

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  1. rmichals

    I did read the poem. it is very sarcastic. Are you thinking that will be the tone of your project? If not, I suggest selecting an article about social media or technology. You might want to consider taking on privacy as that is a huge issue related to technology right now. I found this article amazing:

    Once you are clear on the topic, try to get septic. What will be in the pictures? Is there a way to handle this topic without being literal and showing people on their phones?


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