Inspiration: Marcel Christ & Gregg Schapps

The reflection of the glass of milk has a stunning reflection on the surface. I even like how it fades as it goes towards the bottom. Mark Christ creates a wonderful splash effect when pouring milk into the glass. The splash on the bottom looks believable but as you go up it looks like a close resemblance of a tree which makes the photo look fantastic. In Gregg Schapps’ photo it looks more natural and vibrant. The colors are popping out at you from both the water and the rubix cubes. The splash was spot on target.

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About Justin Jackson

I have always been inspired by art from when I was a little kid to now. It really catches my attention. I seen art in many types of forms: cooking, music, graffiti, dancing, painting, and etc. There are unlimited possibilities of how art is expressed. It even sets a mood in motion for people to understand one another. That is why I want to be an artist. An artist’s salary is around $44,000 a year which is not bad since it is a field you would love to pursue in. You get to work in big open spaces like warehouses, studios in office buildings, and lofts. Most of the time artists work part-time which is kind of convenient for me because I have a job that is not related to this field but it could work well with my schedule.

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