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gregory heisler

gregory heisler is a portrait photographer who shots in black and white. His photos are very powerful. He captures feeling to the point that the photographs speaks to you in a deeper sense. He have his models to pose for the pictures and the settings of the photographs really effects the mood and the storytelling that goes behind the pictures. I think I will use his photos as inspiration for my final projects. Using only black and white photos can help me to set the mood of anxiety throughout my photographs

Final project proposal

Im doing my final project on anxiety. Anxiety among students are a very serous and common problem. In my photos I will have students pose and they are being choked by an invisible hand from the back. And they’re head being pressed by hand. I will have other photo, where the students will be still in the picture but their face will have blur due to motion that represent the thoughts and anxiety they have to experience

The article im using to link my project is
Image result for anxiety photoImage result for anxiety photoImage result for anxiety photo

Richard froster

Richard Froster’s photographs are very surrealistic. The photos are mostly white with a hint of color. The colors are very strong and grabs attention. There’s a strong black and white in his picture with a little hint of color. It makes you feel calm, quiet and deep inside. At some extent it makes me feel very lonely which is very poetic.

Marcel Christ and Greg Shapps

Marcel Christ’s photographs are truly insane and nerve-racking. His photographs are shown in the apple backgrounds. He uses color-smoke and color-dust and photographs them in motion. They are truly beautiful. Most of his photographs has a dark background so the subject is literally the only thing in the picture. He catches the moment when it’s running away and it’s completely breathtaking. Greg Shapps’s picture are mostly taken in the healthcare business. In his picture, we see people interacting with healthcare workers. They look very secure and they feel like they’re being helped in this picture. Most of his photos has a cold look with a tint of blue that makes you feel cold. That helps to create the mood that you’re looking into a hospital bed. His photos are also very grainy. I’m not quite sure what he is trying to portray by that but I feel like his photos would have been better without the grains. They make it look old and fatal which doesn’t help with the mood of feeling safe and secure in the hospital environment.

Michael Paul Smith

Michael Paul Smith is a photographer who creates scenes and photos by using props and small objects. The subjects in his photographs are mostly vintage car’s toy model. His photographs are truly stunning. His style reminds me a lot of Carl Warner. His photographs looks very vintage. I’m not quite sure if he shoots film or digital but it looks very film-like. The colors, grain, light leaking all makes me believe that he shoots with film.

Carl Warner, Clare Barboza, Marcus Nilson

Carl Warner’s photographs are very surrealistic.  Most of his photos are food-landscape. In the beginning when I started looking at his photos I assumed that the artist creates collage by mixing and blending various different photographs. But then I realized that he created the whole landscape in a studio with fruits and vegetables and then photographs the setting. It is truly stunning and the work that goes behind creating those photographs makes it much more appreciative for the audience.

Clare Barboza is also a food photographer. Her photograph has the vintage-ish, hipster type look. She uses colorful objects in her photographs but they have a dark feeling to it. Even though foods are colorful I think she desaturates the photos a little bit and uses small amount vignette on the corners.

Marcus Nilson’s photographs are out of the ordinary in some extent. It doesn’t look like he plays around with the food to find the perfect piece of fruit for the photos. He gives off the hnt of street photography in food photography. He shoots it as it is. His photos are raw and the breaks the rules of photography a lot. There’s chaos in his photos.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Philip-Lorca diCorcia is an American photographer who studied fine arts at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. HIs photographs are quite amusing. There’s a cooler color tone throughout most of his photographs. There’s a tint of blue present throughout most of his photographs. The lightings in his photographs are stunning. He knows what he wants to be lit and what the audience should look at and he uses light to have our eyes move around the photos and see them in order or how he wants us to see them. The subjects portrayed as a curious topic throughout his images wether it is portraying life as a mockery or society as a joke the photographs are very successful when it comes to raising question in the viewers’ mind.

gallery exhibition

The photographs at Facades – Grand Tour at the Yossi Milo Gallery was simply amazing. It’s not because of the pictures but the effort and work went into creating those pictures.Each picture was created by putting together thousands of photographs. No matter where you stand too look at the photos it seems like that’s the center of the picture. That’s truly amazing.



Jeffrey Millstein’s leaning out displays a lot of aerial photography. The pictures are very nice but at some extent I feel like that the photographs were over edited. The composition and and the subject of most of the photos were very nice and pleasing.



Gallery: David Zwirner

Exhibition: Scenes from the Blackout  (Photographer: Stan Douglas)


This galley showed us photographs of an event where New York City had a power blackout. I really love this exhibition. The photos were beautiful and very thought out. Every single one of them were eye-catching. I really loved the one where the woman was stuck in the elevator.

Image result for DCTs and Scenes from the Blackout

Leibovitz and Erizku

Leibovitz and Erizku has similar subject and message delivered through their photos. They both portrays pregnant women posing for her photograph. But the setting of the picture is very different and the models look different. Demi Moore look very simple and plain in the picture. She has short hair and completely nude in the photograph. The background is very plain which puts her in the center of the picture and nothing else is fighting for the attention. On the other hand I feel like beyonce’s photo has way too many unnecessary objects all around her which takes away from the subject. I feel like the photo would be better without all the flowers in the background. The photographer put a veil over the model’s head which I think would be much more effective is the model was completely nude. I also think the photo would’ve been much better if it was taken few more weeks later.

Richard Avedon and Jonathon Mannion

Richard Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer. His portraits are all shot in black and white and really soul touching. His works expresses a massive amount of emotion throughout the subjects’ facial and body expression. I feel like he was really focused on capturing the original expression of the model instead of having them pose and fabricate the scene.

Jonathon Mannion is a photographer and a filmmaker who works mostly with music artists. He works with Richard Avedon for an year and if we look at the portraits he has shot Richard’s influence is very visible in Jonathon’s work. His use of lighting and colors are amazing. It looks like he has adapted Richard’s style and evolved with the technology and the resources and improving on it.