By: Bitya Andrade

Bitya Andrade

Week 2

COMD 3504

What is Design?

My idea for what design is hasn’t change much, rather it is still building its form. To put simply, I believe design is everyone’s options is design in their own category. It’s a foundation many types of designers build off. Design is a strategic process that fits each person’s style. Like how a painter paints, how an artist draw, how an architecture constructs, how a musician play. That’s why I do not disagree nor agree with your statement “theory” professor. It’s true that design is something that cannot be define by one definition (is what I took from it). Yet, that’s the best part because if design was one thing done one way. Almost everything humans have built and created in our would probably not exist. That what makes design amazing, every capable person can construct something in their own way – in infinite number of ways – with infinite number of ideas.