COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Author: Bitya Andrade

Week 3 Discussion

For the 2022 Super Bowl commercials, I chose the “Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial with Doja Cat”. The reason being is that Doja Cat is one of my top favorite music artists her comedic personality is fun to watch. To briefly explain what happens in the short clip. We are being with Doja dressed up with several other as circus clowns. They all display a body language of looking sad and unmoved as they sit at a dining table which is odd because clowns are known for performing comedic act to entertain the audience. Then we hear an iconic announcement which explains everything; “Attention students the ice cream machine is still broken”. At first, I thought this was a competitive clapback to McDonalds as their ice cream is know for never working, thus giving us as the viewers a reason why Taco Bell will never disappoint to an extent. But there is a keynote in those lines that change my view a bit or at least I purposely think those were their intentions. The announcement calls the clowns “students” which I think they did not want to get into legal trouble with McDonalds since they were clearly not at a McDonalds restaurant but at a clown school. Perhaps I’m just thinking too deep.

Moving on, after the announcement, Doja sees a circus hat on the table then picks it up. We don’t see what under the hat, but we see her facial expressions showing us she has an idea-smirk. Then her and her friends gets into a car and drives crazy, hitting stuff on the way. Then magically everyone costumes transform into a whole new punk rock wardrobe change. The next scene plays an import role where the other clown back at the school are seen looking down where Doja saw something under the hat. What they saws is revealed to be a Taco Bell’s famous ketchup packet. The commercials end with Doja and her friends enjoying their Taco Bell meals in the beautiful night.

The whole clips used one single piece of dialogue to help deliver the message. Which was the ice cream announcement. The use of the music playing, the CGI to transform the clothing and crazy car driving achieved the visual goal to connected and engaged the audience. While we watch an awesome story telling performance of Doja Cat, her friends, the other students that sold the product in 30 seconds.

Discussion 2b: What is Design?

By: Bitya Andrade

Bitya Andrade

Week 2

COMD 3504

What is Design?

My idea for what design is hasn’t change much, rather it is still building its form. To put simply, I believe design is everyone’s options is design in their own category. It’s a foundation many types of designers build off. Design is a strategic process that fits each person’s style. Like how a painter paints, how an artist draw, how an architecture constructs, how a musician play. That’s why I do not disagree nor agree with your statement “theory” professor. It’s true that design is something that cannot be define by one definition (is what I took from it). Yet, that’s the best part because if design was one thing done one way. Almost everything humans have built and created in our would probably not exist. That what makes design amazing, every capable person can construct something in their own way – in infinite number of ways – with infinite number of ideas.

Week 1 – Bitya Andrade

Bitya Andrade

COMD 3504 Spring Semester

Week 1 Reading

Design maintains our connection to the everyday changes our world faces. In other words, in a way, design is one of many things that makes the world go round and round. Most of our daily decisions are influence physically and mental by design. Whether how we plan our day, what we wear, how we look and proceed to act. Overtime, people took a step forward with design, placing it into our clothes, visual art, video production and all forms of entertainment.

In Graphic Design Theory by Helen Armstrong, he really broke down to me how exactly design is reflected on how the work of designer is usually not of their own. Our work is a response to clients, partners and whoever wants us to build a piece for them. I personally enjoy designing my own work such as illustrations and animations, but it becomes difficult when I must produce work for someone else. Perhaps because deeply, our design process will not be the same so our expectations will always be different but usually clients are satisfied with it.

In Bruno Munari’s chapters from Design as Art, he states there are 4 types design. This includes, visual, industrial, graphic and research design. It wasn’t clear if he meant as the major type of design or types of design used by artist designers. I personally would imagine there were several types of design so that is something I will research more about. Seeing as this could be an opportunity to categorize my types of design, in doing improving my own skills. I can say by reading his in-take on design, that I focus on the visual design aspect as I do illustrations. To state the truth, I was able to understand the beginning part of Munari’d document of what a designer is and a little bit of how time has change where one art served a specific purpose is now seen as something else. As his example, explain regarding he horseshoe. On the other hand, I found it quite difficult to follow along when reading towards to end. None the less, these two articles were interesting read on an introduction to design.